Resellers / Distributors

Broadpeak has developed a dedicated program for its resellers called The Broadpeak Extended Team (BET).


BET  Presentation

The “Broadpeak Extended Team” (BET) program is designed to support qualified partners during the sales process of Broadpeak products and services to network service providers and content owners. The program is perfect for Broadpeak resellers that already have IT and video expertise as well as the capacity to help Broadpeak close business deals and build customer loyalty over the long term.

Being a part of the Broadpeak Extended Team, our partners are provided with a wide range of benefits such as simplified communication between multicultural teams, increased understanding of market trends, and better insight into specific projects, enabling them to react more quickly to Broadpeak’s highly demanding customers and prospects.




  • Access to meeting rooms at major industry events (e.g., show to be organized with Broadpeak Key Account Manager)
  • Webinar a week before big events (e.g., IBC, NAB) to update members on Broadpeak product demos, key corporate messaging, and names of attendees (i.e., product manager, CTO, COO, CEO, etc.)



  • Access to Broadpeak ecosystem
  • Access to pre-integrated partner architecture and workflow for live, VOD, and nPVR services
  • Ability to adapt demo to the relevant ecosystem



  • Partner account manager is present for daily interaction and Single Point Of Contac (SPOC)
  • Solution architect is assigned on all Broadpeak technologies to help partners cope with all prospects and customer environments
  • Product manager is on-hand for in-depth and detailed technical study 



  • Roadshows, local events and shows; to be discussed with the SPOC




  • Opportunity qualification questionnaire for each solution
  • Datasheets
  • Products description and feature lists
  • White papers on a variety of topics, including BPK solution, market trends
  • Solution presentations
  • Tailor made presentations



  • Online booking for Web-based demos created by Broadpeak



  • Hot topics (e.g., multicast ABR, virtualization, nPVR, targeted ads, watermarking)
  • Product presentations
  • Solution presentations
  • Case studies


If you are not yet a member of BET, contact us here to discuss membership.