Origin Packager BkS350

Broadpeak's BkS350 family of Origin Packagers improves multiscreen video delivery on managed or open internet networks through on-the-fly packaging and unique cache management capabilities.

The BkS350 Origin Packager provides both network operators and content providers with an efficient way of delivering HTTP Adaptive bitrate (ABR) live and VOD content, protected by DRM systems while ensuring a superior quality of service.

BkS350 reduces the cost related to both processing and storage thanks to its on-the-fly packaging feature. The content is processed and stored only once, enabling you to deliver video to a broadrange of devices including smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and gamesconsoles at the lowest cost.

Thanks to BkS350, you can offer cloud time-shifting, startover, and catch-up TV services. The BkS350 can record linear services in one format and dynamically package the content, using the recorded feeds, in the requested ABR format. 

On-the-fly packaging and unique cache management capabilites

On-the-fly packaging and unique cache management capabilites

System Architecture

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