Origin Cache Servers BkS400

Need to boost your origin servers? Combining high ingest and streaming capacity with comprehensive analytics, Broadpeak Origin Cache Servers can effectively improve the capabilities of origin servers.

Broadpeak's Origin Cache servers are designed for content providers and pay-TV operators who need to deliver more and more content to more and more CDNs. With the Origin Cache servers, you can upgrade your origin service without adding new origin servers and without building complex and costly network architecture.

Broadpeak's BkS400 Origin Cache servers are able to deliver the content to the CDNs at up to 60 Gbps and boost origin servers streaming capabilities. In addition, BkS400 Origin Cache servers servers are natively able to load balance the CDN requests towards the origin servers without having to invest in hardware loadbalancers.

Broadpeak's BkS400 Origin Cache servers can be associated with Broadpeak's BkA100, a comprehensive analytics tool that gives content providers and service operators a better view of the bandwidth consumption per CDN as well as the cache hit/miss ratio towards the origin servers.

Boost origin server capabilities

Boost origin server capabilities

Origin Cache Solution

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