Video Streaming Servers

Broadpeak provides a wide range of streaming video servers.

Video On Demand Streaming Server

Broadpeak BkS100 is a family of high performance video on-demand servers that can ingest video assets and stream them based on subscriber requests.

Video On Demand Servers BkS100

The tremendous growth in video-over-IP consumption has brought with it a rise in the number of streaming formats commonly used.

Multi-Format Video Streaming and Origin Servers BkS300

Video delivery over the open Internet has seen the widespread adoption of many adaptive streaming standards, including HLS, Smooth Streaming, HDS, and MPEG-DASH.

HTTP video cache servers BkS400

Need to boost your origin servers? Combining high ingest and streaming capacity with comprehensive analytics, Broadpeak Origin Cache Servers can effectively improve the capabilities of origin servers.

Origin Cache Servers BkS400

Need to deliver your video content to all screens ?
Broadpeak's BkS500 supports streaming of standard RTSP/RTP Mpeg2TS as well as all HTTP adaptative bitrate formats.

HTTP and TS Unified Streaming Server BkS500