Local Cache - BroadCache Box

The Broadcache Box is the ideal solution for large Content Providers who want to deploy local caches into telecom or cable networks.

This video caching solution can be easily installed in the premises of the network service providers from where your audience accesses your video services. By caching the ISP traffic you dramatically reduce your CDN costs while boosting your subscribers’ experience.

The solution consists in a system of local caching servers, the BroadCache Boxes. Each CDN-in-a-box unit deployed in an ISP's Point of Presence (POP) stores the most popular content from a specific content provider and streams it to the subscribers attached to that ISP POP.
The solution works for both live and on-demand content and supports secured HTTPS connections.

This approach dramatically increases the end users’ Quality of Experience. Since the content is streamed from a location closer to end-users, latency is reduced as well as network congestion resulting in higher video bitrates, faster start times and uninterrupted viewing periods.

By leveraging Broadpeak's technology, content providers slash the OPEX costs associated with content delivery. As the most popular content can represent from 80 to 99% of the video traffic, caching  at the ISP level can reduce the CDN service costs to the same degree.


Deploying BroadCache Boxes also benefits telecom and cable companies. Because the traffic coming from the BroadCache Boxes does not generate any transit cost for the telecom or cable operator, supporting content providers cuts OPEX while improving subscribers’ OTT viewing experience.   

BroadCache Box Benefits