Multiscreen Delivery

New subscriber options. New delivery methods. Content to more screens. Why buy dedicated systems to make them happen?

Broadpeak’s unified delivery platform provides the power to deliver any content across any network – all with a single, simple network management interface. A new service doesn’t have to require a new rack of gear! Add OTT to IPTV or Cable offerings. Add screens to any existing service. Avoid siloed approaches and simplify your architecture. It’s easily within reach, and managed with a single system.

Broadpeak’s Multiscreen solution relies on:

 - BkM100 CDN Mediator that manages network topology creation, content provisioning and requests allocation, for all types of networks (IPTV, Cable, OTT)

- Origin servers
BkS300 for pure origin features
BkS350 for on-the-fly packaging

- the streaming servers allow the delivery of live & VOD content in various formats:
BkS100 for Transport Stream, 
BkS400 for Adaptive bitrate streaming (Http Live Streaming, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH).

In addition, for IPTV use cases, Broadpeak provides a QoE server, the BkE100, that enables Fast Channel Change and Packet Loss Recovery (RTP-retry) features.

Broadpeak unified delivery platform also comprises a Video Delivery Analytics capability through its BkA100, which generates dedicated statistics for marketing, operations and support teams.

+screensCDN Solution

We help you extend your reach to more screens

+screensCDN, a multi-screen video delivery solution

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