Operator CDN

Tired of upgrading your network's infrastructure so that major CDNs can continue to flood it with content - and reap most of the rewards? Take control of the revenue your network can generate!

Broadpeak’s powerful collection of bandwidth provisioning and management tools lets any operator unlock the revenue stream that’s buried inside its network to build an Operator CDN. Sell bandwidth directly to content providers. Enable resellers to sell it for you. Get all the tools you need to do it easily, and provide Quality of Service that third-party CDNs can’t match.

Broadpeak’s operatorCDN solution relies on the BkM100 CDN Mediator that in addition to managing network topology creation, content provisioning and requests allocation, models the content providers and their allotted quotas, and the streaming servers allow delivery of live & VOD content in various formats: BkS300 and BkS400 for Http Live Streaming and Smooth Streaming.

OperatorCDN solution is enhanced by a Video Delivery Analytics capability that enables Network Service Providers to offer content providers with an in-depth knowledge on how their services are consumed.


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Traditional content delivery scheme vs Broadpeak's operatorCDN solution
Broadpeak's operatorCDN solution

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