Origin Packager

Willing to securely deliver your content to any device ? Host the Origin Server! Broadpeak's Origin packager enables the delivery of your ABR content protected by the major DRM solutions.

With BkS350 Origin Packager content providers can offer secured live, time-shifted or VOD services to any device. Broadpeak's BKS350 just-in time packages and encrypts the video content in most popular ABR formats, including Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), mpeg-DASH, Microsoft HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS), or Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS). BkS350 is integrated with the major DRM vendors.

Combining a Just In Time Packaging feature and a built-in cache mechanism, BkS350 Origin Packager reduces the need of encoding and storage resources and provides a high throughput capacity generating important savings.

As BkS350 Origin Packager is able to deliver content to any off-net or on-net CDN, you can have your content delivered through the CDN of your choice and use a combination of delivery infrastructures.

Solution architecture