Satellite Video Delivery

Looking for a solution to deliver video content to a wide range of devices through satellite in a cost-effective way? Broadpeak has developed multicast solutions for both video distribution and contribution so that you can reach any screen beyond the TV set.


Satellite Multicast Distribution

Leveraging Broadpeak's technologies, content providers and operators can cost-effectively deliver high-quality live TV channels over satellite to millions of subscriber devices, including TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets, using the same bandwidth.

Live Multiscreen via Satellite



Satellite Multicast Contribution

Broadpeak’s solution is not only intended for satellite operators, but also addresses telecom and cable operators who use a satellite contribution link.
Given that the satellite link between the central headend and local headend can be expensive, using unicast at this level when content has to be streamed to several local headends can be very costly.

Relying on the power of multicast, Broadpeak’s solution dramatically reduces operators’ costs and makes live multiscreen delivery affordable. Broadpeak’s technologies first convert the unicast stream into multicast. The multicast stream is then sent to different local headends and converted back into unicast.

satellite multicast contribution

Video Delivery via Satellite Solutions

Video Delivery via Satellite Solutions