Solutions for Content Providers

Broadpeak offers high performance solutions for broadcasters, content aggregators and content providers who want to differentiate themselves in the OTT space.

CDN services

Broadpeak has built a global Video CDN infrastructure enriched with strategic alliances to offer a compelling Media Delivery Service Offer. This Platform is available for you to deliver a superior Quality of Experience to a global audience.

Origin Packager

Willing to securely deliver your content to any device ? Host the Origin Server! Broadpeak's Origin packager enables the delivery of your ABR content protected by the major DRM solutions.

CDN Selection

Tired of using a single CDN service provider? Need a solution to deliver your live and VOD content with the best possible Quality of Experience for end users at optimum cost?

Local Cache - BroadCache Box

The Broadcache Box is the ideal solution for large Content Providers who want to deploy local caches into telecom or cable networks.

Video Analytics

Information is gold in today's pay-TV environment, especially when it comes to analyzing the QoE that is a key driver for video content consumption. Utilizing players analytics, content providers can gain valuable insight into what is going on at the level of the end-users.

CDN building blocks

Do you plan to build your own CDN ? Broadpeak provides key technologies and products for streaming video on over-the-top networks with a superior Quality of Experience. Need Manpower ? We provide world-class professional services to help you reach your goals.