Video Analytics

Information is gold in today's pay-TV environment, especially when it comes to analyzing the QoE that is a key driver for video content consumption. Utilizing players analytics, content providers can gain valuable insight into what is going on at the level of the end-users.

In order to stay in control and maximize the Quality of Service (QoS) of your video offer, you need to know how users experience the service and how your delivery system performs. Broadpeak's BkA100 provides an extensive set of dashboards and statistics that are made available to you so that you can make the appropriate decisions regarding your content strategy and your video delivery ecosystem.

BkA100 computes key parameters based related to Quality of Experience (QoE) with data gathered at the player level. BkA100's rich set of dashboards and graphs can be exported in a wide range of formats for archiving or immediate use.

Broadpeak's BkA100 is the solution content providers need to stay in control and to continuously improve the delivery of their video content

Broadpeak's BkA100 makes it possible to focus on specific time periods to identify who your audience is, what and where they are watching. BkA100 also provides real time indicators in order to quickly troubleshoot video delivery problems.