IPTV Quality of Experience

The consumption of video services over IP networks has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years, and today, network service providers seek to improve the Quality of Service and the Quality of Experience (QoE) for their subscribers.

Thanks to its long experience in the IPTV domain and its researches for an improved QoE, Broadpeak offers operators with technologies answering these issues.

Packet loss recovery for an improved Quality of Service

Thanks to Broadpeak's packet loss recovery technologies, subscribers no longer experience macroblocks issues or buffering during the streaming. In addition, Broadpeak uses metrics generated by our server to identify specific leaks in the operator's network.

The network optimization enable operators to improve quality, avoid churn and extend user eligibility.

Fast channel change for an improved Quality of Experience

The further step for operators is the Quality of Experience improvement.The fast channel change technology reduces the zapping time for the operator's subscribers whether the live is based on RTP or UDP streaming.

Chech the video of our Fast Channel Change technology

Fast Channel Change - demo from Broadpeak on Vimeo.

Improve QoS and QoE

Improve QoS and QoE

IPTV QoE and QoS technologies

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