Among the numerous benefits of the software approach adopted by Broadpeak for its CDN solutions, the capability of deploying a system in a virtualized environment leveraging Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Network (SDN) is one of the most important.

By deploying a CDN solution in a private cloud, operators can completely virtualize content delivery. From a technical standpoint, it is more or less easy to virtualize a CDN architecture. An operator merely needs to provision blade centers, storage, processing power, and connectivity in a cloud-based data center.

The benefits of virtualization
•    The biggest benefit is reduced capital expenses through cost savings in terms of hardware, since resource sharing with other functions is possible. These functions can be related to content delivery but can also extend to completely unrelated processes such as payroll or invoicing. In terms of energy and staff, it is much more efficient to manage a single IT infrastructure.
•    Migration is also easier. These processes are automated in virtualized infrastructure, so there is no need to redeploy new instances of the software manually.
•    System robustness is another benefit. The cloud has built-in capabilities for duplicating content, which is beneficial for disaster recovery. If one virtual server fails, another server located hundreds of kilometers away can automatically take over.
•    Another advantage is scalability, or seamless growth management. Adding more storage or additional processing power can be achieved in just a few clicks. In comparison, sourcing dedicated hardware can take weeks.
•    Utilizing a private cloud-based CDN solution, operators can adopt a hybrid approach to OTT video delivery in which some components, like the management system and the analytics, as well as the On-Net streaming servers, are kept in-house to maximize security and control while the streaming servers for off-net delivery are deployed outside the organization in the public cloud, closer to end-users for optimal performance.
•    In addition, virtualization platforms provide advanced monitoring tools that enable operators to natively supervise all the modules of the system.

Virtualize your content delivery network

Virtualize your content delivery network

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