CDN Building Blocks

Build your Own CDN

Do you plan to build your own CDN?

Broadpeak provides key technologies and products for streaming video on over-the-top networks with a superior Quality of Experience. Need Manpower? We provide world-class professional services to help you reach your goals.


How does it work?

Broadpeak provides the following CDN components:

  • The BkS400 adaptive bitrate caching server for caching video content locally
  • The BkS350 origin packager for serving the content to edge caches and packaging it in the right ABR format on the fly
  • The BkM100 mediator that manages network topology creation, content provisioning and requests allocation
  • The BkA100 analytics platform that allows to dive deep into the viewers usage by displaying comprehensive graphics on a wealth of metrics


  • Benefit from a know-how and a level of expertise that has already served tens of major operators worldwide
  • Pick the components you need to leverage your best-of-breed approach
  • Enjoy the comfort of a 24/7 worldwide support


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