Broadpeak's award-winning Multicast ABR solution

Live HTTP video delivery made scalable with zero Latency

Take control of the delivery of live TV Everywhere over your network. Broadpeak’s nanoCDN™ multicast ABR enables you to cost-efficiently deal with millions of TV viewers and unpredictable peaks of traffic: whatever the number of viewers, the same amount of bandwidth is used over the network.

Apart from the scalability issue it deals with, nanoCDN™ comes with zero latency and makes live HTTP a good candidate to replace legacy IPTV systems.

The solution is so good it’s multi-award-winning.


How does nanoCDN™ work?

nanoCDN™ multicast ABR leverages home network devices such as broadband gateways, cable modems or set-top-boxes, turning them into a part of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure. No need to deploy new pieces of network gear!

  • It also works for 4K content delivery
  • It is HTTPS delivery compliant
  • It’s transparent to encoders, DRM, players and reception devices
  • It comes with zero latency

Benefits of nanoCDN™ Multicast ABR

  • Unique scalability for live multiscreen (1 million viewers => 1 multicast stream)
  • Superior Quality of Experience
  • Drastically reduced network costs
  • HTTPS delivery compliant
  • Live 4K to any device
  • Zero latency
  • No extra delay at start up
Content Delivery Networks 3.0: An Operator Opportunity?
nanoCDN Multicast ABR for Live Multiscreen Delivery
BkM100 Mediator
BkE200 Transcaster Server

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