Broadpeak's award-winning Multicast ABR solution

Live HTTP video delivery made scalable with zero Latency

Take control of the delivery of live TV Everywhere over your network. Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM multicast ABR enables you to cost-efficiently deal with millions of TV viewers and unpredictable peaks of traffic: whatever the number of viewers, the same amount of bandwidth is used over the network.

Apart from the scalability issue it deals with, nanoCDNTM comes with zero latency and makes live HTTP a good candidate to replace legacy IPTV systems.

The solution is so good it’s multi-award-winning.


How does nanoCDNTM work?

nanoCDNTM multicast ABR leverages home network devices such as broadband gateways, cable modems or set-top-boxes, turning them into a part of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure. No need to deploy new pieces of network gear!

  • It also works for 4K content delivery
  • It is HTTPS delivery compliant
  • It’s transparent to encoders, DRM, players and reception devices
  • It comes with zero latency

Benefits of nanoCDNTM Multicast ABR

  • Unique scalability for live multiscreen (1 million viewers => 1 multicast stream)
  • Superior Quality of Experience
  • Drastically reduced network costs
  • HTTPS delivery compliant
  • Live 4K to any device
  • Zero latency
  • No extra delay at start up
Content Delivery Networks 3.0: An Operator Opportunity?
nanoCDN Multicast ABR for Live Multiscreen Delivery
BkM100 Mediator
BkE200 Transcaster Server

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