Corporate and social responsibility is critical for Broadpeak to succeed at being a sustainable company and a good place to work with a minimum environmental footprint.

We believe that the more people who contribute to sustainability, the greater the impact! Together, we can be more efficient and impactful. That’s why we have adopted a global CSR approach for our teams, partners, suppliers, and customers.

At Broadpeak, we have designed a Code of Conduct that organizes our engagement, offers guidance on decision making based on a corporate social responsibility approach, and shows stakeholders how to put Broadpeak’s values into practice.



We are serious about our footprint and responsibility! To ensure that our intentions are put into action and ultimately more sustainable practices, our CSR policies are regularly assessed by Ecovadis, a CSR and sustainable purchasing assessment platform.

In 2021, our overall score reached 59 out of 100, 13 points higher than the industry average and an improvement of 7 points since the previous assessment in 2019.

There are still many things that can be done to improve our CSR approach, and we are committed to taking action immediately, as described in our CSR Plan (available within Broadpeak’s Code of Conduct).



At Broadpeak, we are aware that our industry is contributing to global warming and we want to minimize the impact of our activities.

In the past few years, we have been actively reducing our carbon emissions and limiting our environmental footprint.  Below are a few examples of the actions and initiatives we’ve been involved in.

  • In 2021, we co-founded Greening of Streaming, an organization that aims at quantifying the impact of streaming and promoting best practices and solutions to limit this.
  • With innovation in our DNA and energy-efficiency in mind, we have been developing technologies to reduce power consumption in video delivery networks. Watch this video that explains how Broadpeak’s technologies can contribute to more energy-efficient streaming services.
  • We’ve issued the Broadpeak Green Book; a resource for developing more sustainable practices at work.
  • We are also currently assessing different options to offset our carbon emissions linked to travel.



At Broadpeak, we care about the planet, but we also care deeply about every single person in our team!

Conversations and exchanges about labor are encouraged and facilitated at all levels within Broadpeak, through regular meetings, polls, and more. We offer a safe working environment and are continuously looking for ways to improve working conditions for everyone. Recently, we increased the flexibility for remote work, one of many examples!



At Broadpeak, we believe that everyone should be treated equally independently of their sex, age and origins.

Following a French government assessment on the salary equality between women and men, Broadpeak achieved a score of 89 out of 100. There is still room for improvement, and the management team at Broadpeak is working hard on further advancing equality amongst all their employees.

The detailed results are below in English and French.

Global result: 89/100

Detailed results:

  • Indicator related to the wage difference between women and men: 34/40
  • Indicator related to the difference between individual salary increase rate for women and men: 35/35
  • Indicator related to the percentage of women employeed granted a salary increase in the years following their return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Indicator related to the number of employees of the under-represented gender amongst the highest salaries : 5/10



Index de l’égalité professionnelle 

Porté par la loi « Pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel » du 5 septembre 2018, l’Index de l’égalité professionnelle a été conçu pour faire progresser au sein des entreprises l’égalité salariale entre les femmes et les hommes.

Voici les résultats concernant la société Broadpeak pour la période du 01/01/2022 au 31/12/2022 pour un effectif de référence de 165 salarié/es.

Résultat total : 89 /100

Résultat détaillé : 

  • Indicateur relatif à l’écart de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes : 34/40
  • Indicateur relatif à l’écart de taux d’augmentations individuelles entre les femmes et les hommes : 35/35
  • Indicateur relatif au pourcentage de salariées ayant bénéficié d’une augmentation dans l’années suivant leur retour de congé maternité : 15/15
  • Indicateur relatif au nombre de salariés du sexe sous-représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations : 5/10

At Broadpeak, we believe that part of our success comes from our environment and our communities.  For us, it is important to give back and to offer others opportunities to be successful.

We are committed to giving time, financial support, and sharing our knowledge with others so that together we can build a better place for everyone to thrive.

For the past few years, we have been supporters of the Internet Society, a global nonprofit organization empowering people to keep the internet a force for good: open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy. In 2021, we sponsored the Early Career Fellowship Program, and our Head of Exploration mentored a participant in his project to measure the video streaming QoE of end users in South Africa.

We are also developing a program to support the nonprofit organizations for which our employees volunteer.