Low-Density and Remote Areas

Expand reach of Pay TV service over mobile broadband networks in scarcely-populated and remote areas

  • In emerging markets and low-density / remote areas in the world, internet connectivity often relies on smartphone and FWA connections.
  • In these mobile networks, though, the backhaul capacity is very limited.
  • It is harldy possible for an operator to propose an acceptable Pay-TV service, although the demand is strong.

How Broadpeak can help

  • Broadpeak deep edge caching and multicast ABR nanoCDN for satellite solutions combined together allow operators to overcome this challenge.
  • Satellite contribution links are used to feed in multicast the cache servers located at the edge of the operator’s mobile network.

To learn more about Broadpeak deep edge caching expertise and experience, you can watch the video below and read the customer story with AWS, the edge cloud partnership communication with Google and the press release with MobiledgeX.


Learn more about Broadpeak’s cache contribution to the mobile edge in multicast over satellite here:

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