Mobile Backhaul Costs

Cut leasing costs or capacity upgrades expenses in mobile aggregation and backhaul networks

  • The rapidly growing video traffic over mobile networks is an economic challenge for operators.
  • They continuously need to invest in costly capacity upgrades on their transport networks, with no corresponding reward on the revenue side.
  • Operators leasing their transport capacity equally see their opex exploding.

How Broadpeak can help

  • Broadpeak allows operators to deploy on-premise cache nodes deeper in the mobile network, using Broadpeak deep edge caching solution.
  • This offloads the transport network and significantly cut operator transport expenses (infrastructure or leasing costs).

To learn more about Broadpeak deep edge caching expertise and experience, you can watch the video below and read the customer story with AWS, the edge cloud partnership communication with Google and the press release with MobiledgeX.

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