Satellite video delivered to all screens with no compromise on QoE

What is nanoCDNTM
multicast ABR for?

Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM makes it possible to deliver adaptive bitrate formats (HLS, DASH) over satellite, and therefore reach not only set-top boxes but also tablets, smartphones or other connected devices with a stream that has the quality of DTH broadcast. Adopting adaptive bitrate formats on Satellite also allows merging Satellite and OTT offer into one consistent experience and brings on the set-top box advantages that, so far, were only available on mobile devices, such as content personalization and targeted advertisement.

nanoCDNTM has been specifically designed to avoid any kind of regression compared to traditional Broadcast, in particular, it implements optimizations for ultra-low latency such as HTTP chunked transfer encoding and CMAF chunking, bringing down the latency after encoding to a negligible amount.

In summary, nanoCDNTM is the opportunity for Satellite operators to unify video delivery to TVs and to all other screens into one single full-ABR system.





How does nanoCDNTM work?

  • A transcaster server in the head-end retrieves its sources from any OTT Origin server and wraps them into a satellite compatible stream.
  • At the other end, a lightweight agent in the home CPE, typically a set-top box, receives and unwraps the stream to make the content available to all devices in the home. The technology integrates easily into any existing ecosystem.


Learn more about nanoCDN for satellite by watching the video below.



Benefits of nanoCDNTM Multicast ABR

  • Unified adaptive bitrate technology for both satellite and IP network.
  • Carrier-grade, designed to meet the requisites imposed by operation on the main TV screen.
  • Optimized latency, relying on guaranteed multicast distribution and latest CMAF and HTTP chunked transfer encoding technologies.
  • Compliance with HTTPS streaming to ensure secured end-to-end delivery.
  • Optional use of file pre-caching, to distribute high popularity content such as VOD, Catch-up, metadata, advertisement spots.
  • Advanced analytics for monitoring, troubleshooting, optimization and business intelligence reports.


White paper: Multicast ABR, enabling the Delivery of Live Video Streams Via Satellite
White paper: Satellite in OTT Wonderland: Unleashing Innovative Business Models
BkM100 Mediator_Datasheet
BkE200 Transcaster Server_Datasheet

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