Broadpeak's award-winning Multicast ABR solution

What is nanoCDNTM
multicast ABR for?

Broadpeak nanoCDNTM solution for satellite allows you to reach all the new screens with your live TV feeds, removing all the scalability issues.
Embrace fully http adaptive bitrate delivery, provide to your subscribers a unique Quality of Experience with unmatched video quality and zero latency.


How does nanoCDNTM work?

Content providers can convert the unicast stream into multicast leveraging Broadpeak’s BkE200 transcaster server installed in the headend.
Broadpeak’s multicast ABR (aka nanoCDN) application is installed in the existing CPE (satellite gateways or settop-boxes), in the home equipment of the subscriber
and converts the multicast stream back into unicast.
The end-user can consume the live video content on the screen of his choice, benefitting from both the adaptive user experience brought by ABR technology and from the lowest latency allowed by satellite network delivery.

Benefits of nanoCDNTM Multicast ABR

  • Unique scalability for live multiscreen (1 million viewers -> 1 multicast stream)
  • Maintains the benefits of adaptive streaming technology for a superior quality of experience
  • Addresses all device types in the subscriber home
  • Supports live pause TV mode
  • No extra delay at start up
Multicast ABR: Enabling the Delivery of Live Video Streams Via Satellite
BkM100 Mediator
BkE200 Transcaster Server

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