Live & VOD on all networks and on all screens

What is TV everywhere?

Broadpeak’s unified delivery platform has the power to deliver any content to all screens across any network – all with a single, simple network management interface. A new service doesn’t have to require a new rack of gear!


How does Broadpeak TV everywhere work?

Our solution provides you with a full CDN infrastructure that unifies video delivery to all screens. You rely on a single system to manage TS (Transport Stream) and ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) delivery.

  • Add HDS, HLS, Smooth Streaming and mpeg-DASH delivery to your existing TS offer
  • Add more screens to better serve your customers
  • Avoid siloed approaches and simplify your architecture
  • Manage all your services as a whole through a single system

Benefits of Broadpeak TV everywhere

  • Dramatic operational costs reduction
    One single platform for all networks and all screens delivery means huge savings on operation matters.
  • A reduced bandwidth usage
    Because a CDN solution is all about optimizing the way you use your bandwidth resources without investing too much on storage.
  • Greatly increased QoE
    By using ABR delivery and reducing the bandwidth usage, your subscribers can enjoy an exceptional Quality of Experience.
  • Sophisticated analytics for all the teams
    You can provide insightful data to your marketing, operations and support teams.
  • Live OTT TV to millions of subs
    Thanks to our unique nanoCDNTM technology, you can deliver live multiscreen services to an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers with a minimal impact on your infrastructure
  • Delivery to legacy set-top-boxes
BkM100 Mediator_Datasheet
BkS350 Origin Packager_Datasheet
BkS400 HTTP Video Cache Server_Datasheet
BkA100 Video Delivery Analytics_Datasheet

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