Server-Side Segment Selection

What is S4Streaming ?


Broadpeak’s Server-Side Segment Selection for Streaming (S4Streaming) is a technology that involves the network in video bitrate selection. It gives better control on how resources are used, prevents congestions, resolves video quality selection on low latency context and offers an overall improved QoE.

S4Streaming has already won multiple awards :




How S4Streaming works


S4Streaming has 2 main aspects:

  • Network servers accurately assess the available bandwidth, relying on modern transport algorithms.
  • S4Streaming provides a  centralized control of quality streams selection, based on these servers-side assessments or via operators defined rules.

With S4Streaming, control is implemented at the server level, while being fully compatible with the existing ABR streaming ecosystem.

Benefits of S4Streaming



The solution brings:

  • controlled QoE: monitor and precisely decide what quality you want to apply to which user, which device and which video content. All players have a unified behavior, independently of their policy
  • controlled bandwidth usage: view on all the points of the network, manage congestion and traffic peaks, in particular for most constrained networks such as DSL, cable or mobile networks. This allows controlled and safe anti-congestion policies.
  • low latency: enable multi-profile ABR to all screens, set-top box but also wireless streaming devices, in low latency context.
  • home network orchestration: decide how the resource within the home network shall be shared between the main screen, secondary displays and mobile devices
White paper: Giving video streaming control back to operators

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