Broadpeak to Demonstrate Video Streaming and Monetization Solutions at IBC2023

Broadpeak®, a global expert in video delivery with more than 150 customers serving more than 200 million end-users worldwide, will highlight how it is leading the charge for ultimate video streaming experiences at IBC2023. With Broadpeak’s software deployed on-premises, offered as a SaaS in the cloud through the company’s® platform, or as a hybrid solution, video service and content providers can deliver an outstanding quality of experience (QoE), better monetize their video services, and at the same time reduce energy consumption.

“Increasing the monetization of video streaming services, delivering better streaming quality, and improving energy efficiency are all top priorities for video service providers, and today form a critical part of ensuring their businesses are successful,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “We’re excited to show how Broadpeak is trailblazing video delivery innovation at IBC2023. With our high-performing cloud-native solutions, video service providers and content owners can easily adapt to the constant evolution taking place across the industry and really focus on boosting their revenues.”

Broadpeak’s stand at IBC2023

Broadpeak’s stand at IBC2023

Key Highlights at IBC2023 Will Include:

Delivering the Ultimate Video Streaming Experience

At IBC2023, Broadpeak will showcase software solutions for delivering an outstanding QoE for video streaming services.

A key highlight will be Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN featuring an open, dynamic, and elastic architecture that brings high performance and energy efficiency. Innovative features include:

  • Context aware: The Steering Center enables the CDN to be context aware, allowing operators to control which CDN features are being used for each session with a very fine granularity based on the request characteristics.
  • Low latency: Broadpeak’s solution for best-of-breed low-latency streaming will be shown at IBC2023.
  • Energy efficiency: Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN delivers video streaming services at 725 Gbps from a single server, offering much better Gbps per dollar and Gbps per watt ratios than all other CDN solutions on the market.

In addition, Broadpeak will showcase its award-winning nanoCDN™ multicast ABR solution for scalable video streaming. Broadpeak is a world-renowned expert in multicast ABR, with more than 20 real-world deployments by several tier-one operators. At IBC2023, Broadpeak will demo the benefits of nanoCDN for live streaming to all devices.

Monetizing Video Streaming Services With Targeted Ads

Broadpeak will unveil the next generation of its server-side ad insertion (SSAI) solution at IBC2023. Broadpeak’s dynamic ad insertion solution, available as a service on, enables increased monetization, ease of use, and a short time to market for the delivery of targeted ads.

A new “watch ads together” concept will be demonstrated that guarantees additional ad impressions, when viewers use the “Watch Together” feature on their device, to boost revenues. Broadpeak will also demo FAST 2.0 with partner OKAST, highlighting advanced personalization and contextualization for FAST channels.

Simplifying Video Streaming Operations With Cloud-Native Solutions

Broadpeak will demonstrate how its cloud-native solutions streamline video delivery to all screens leveraging the DevOps methodology. A key highlight will be Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN and BkS350e Origin Packager that enables video delivery to any player or device for live and on-demand applications. The BkS350e Origin Packager is able to deliver content to any off-net or on-net CDN, and is deployable on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid mode for future-proof cloud DVR services.

Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN and BkS350e Origin Packager enables video delivery to any player or device for live and on-demand applications.

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