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With video streaming audiences gathering pace over traditional broadcast, video service providers need more revenue sources to keep up with their growing content and supporting infrastructure investment. Whether you’re a network provider, content owner or a pay-TV operator, finding effective methods to boost monetization is key to business success.

As a network provider, are you looking for ways to better monetize your network infrastructure? As a content provider, are you struggling to get good return on investment from your content inventory? Finding it difficult to readily sell advertising because of the complexity of the ecosystem and the multiple parties involved?

With targeted advertising delivering higher revenue than non-targeted ads, it is time to choose a technology partner that helps you deliver personalized content with targeted ads for each viewer. Broadpeak can also help deliver new monetization opportunities such as Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST). And all this while optimizing your infrastructure investment and delivering high quality of experience with Open CDN.

With years of industry experience, Broadpeak provides monetization solutions that reduce ecosystem complexity, increase business efficiency and accelerate time-to-market.


Targeted Ad Insertion

If you’re a content owner, finding the best approach to monetizing your content has become a challenge, with multiple parties and services to deal with and a fragmented ecosystem. In addition, the increasing range of video consumption devices demands more delivery methods as well as additional integration with ad-tech providers. And with the need to expand from subscriptions services to ad-supported offerings, the need to serve the right ads to the right viewers becomes even more pressing.

If you’re a pay-TV Operator, you need to deliver targeted advertising across a wide range of devices, bringing more value-added services to broadcasters and content owners, quickly and efficiently. With key stakeholders and investors looking to see fast ROI, time-to-market is key.

In both cases, a powerful Dynamic Ad Insertion solution is essential to keep up with the constant evolution of Ad Tech, while answering advertisers’ requirements.

Reach All Audiences

DAI delivers targeted advertising for live, cloud DVR and VoD content.

Visibility & Control

Get actionable business data on ad consumption.

Open Ecosystem

Integrate seamlessly with multiple ad-tech providers.

Superior Viewer Experience

Personalized, buffer-free ads for every viewer.

Broadpeak solutions for targeted advertising, together with ABR streaming, efficiently addresses these challenges by providing a service for content owners and pay-TV operators to integrate with ad-tech partners and deliver both direct-sales and programmatic advertising where and when they need it.

With Broadpeak’s solutions, including SaaS offering, you can be up and running in a matter of days or weeks, eliminating the need for your own data center.

As your expert partner in video delivery, Broadpeak can help you maximize monetization opportunities for every piece of content, in a range of highly competitive business models.

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Targeted Ad Insertion


Targeted Ad Insertion




Video traffic is soaring, with direct-to-consumer offers from large streaming providers taking increasing bandwidth on ISP networks. This extra traffic is typically streamed directly from a global CDN, crossing the ISP network with an individual connection for each viewer and bypassing any video delivery optimization that the ISP may have in place for its own content.

This results in unnecessary capacity costs for the ISP and overall degraded quality (high latency, slow zapping time, poor video resolution…) for third party content providers and their consumers. For ISPs, correctly sizing their CDN infrastructure to allow for unpredictable traffic peaks and growing third-party content, becomes difficult and expensive. Eventually, this will have an effect on reputation and lead to customer churn.

With increasing competition in the streaming market, it is time for ISPs to find new monetization opportunities through additional services. With Broadpeak, ISPs can offer optimized CDN services, and vastly improved quality of delivery, to third party content providers.

New Revenue Streams

Network operators can offer Open CDN directly to their OTT clients.

Infrastructure Savings

Save on costly CDN infrastructure, even when you need to scale.

Help Content Providers Monetize

With enhanced QoE, content providers increase viewer loyalty and reduce churn.

Deal with Traffic Peaks

Leverage Broadpeak’s expertise in optimized video streaming and CDN.

Broadpeak’s Open CDN helps network providers gain control over increasing traffic and better monetize their CDN implementation. Combining Open Caching technology with intelligent business management, the solution moves streaming further down the network, delivering streams closer to the viewer, with unmatched QoE: no rebuffering, faster zapping time and better video quality. Furthermore, considerably less traffic means major savings on network infrastructure.

ISPs can now offer an optimized CDN delivery solution, eliminating the need for content providers to deal separately with global CDN services. If you’re an ISP, you can now bring a new revenue stream to your business, with better QoE for third party content providers. You can also optimize delivery on your network, reducing costs and enabling you to negotiate better deals.

Broadpeak’s Open CDN introduces a win-win situation for both network operators and content providers. ISPs optimize monetization on their CDN network and provide improved services to their clients. Content providers benefit from optimized video delivery that’s closer to the user, allowing them to offer new services and attract new audiences.




Break into the FAST Market

Connected TVs are seeing rapid adoption in households worldwide, and with them, easy access to global Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) services of increasing quality, at scale. If you’re a content provider or operator, competition for your subscribers’ eyeballs has never been this fierce: it’s time to consider your FAST strategy now or suffer rapid churn.

An increasing number of viewers want a lean-back experience that delivers relevant content without spending hours looking for something to watch. Audiences are willing to view personalized advertising in exchange for engaging programmed and live video experiences.

Why settle for low return on investment for your existing content, when you can squeeze additional revenue through curated FAST channel variants and targeted advertising? It’s time to move FAST!


A one-stop solution to quickly enter the FAST market and increase monetization.

Scale Beyond Limits

Grow your FAST business with infinite variants based on viewers’ preferences.

Visibility & Insights

Clearly understand content consumption and ad impressions to fine tune your strategy.

Ultimate personalization

Deliver personalized content, live events and ads that build viewer loyalty.

Broadpeak provides content providers and operators with a quick and effective solution for all their FAST needs with – an advanced video API platform that allows video service providers to personalize the streaming experience for their customers while monetizing existing content.

You can start by launching a simple FAST channel that leverages your existing VoD catalogue and then scale the number of channel variants based on detailed analytics. For the ultimate monetization strategy, you can offer a highly curated FAST channel to each viewer. You’ll be able to clearly understand audience preferences and personalize content and ads as-you-scale, for maximum monetization.

Publishers can use to gain visibility of their ad inventory for advertisers and brand agencies with a combined best-of-breed approach. Build a strong business strategy by leveraging direct sales to proactively sell your inventory at best CPM rates and gain exposure, while enabling programmatic to backfill unsold inventory.

For operators looking to enter the FAST market, Broadpeak provides an end-to-end package that includes content and streaming rights. If you want to remain competitive and keep your viewer loyalty in the rapidly evolving streaming market, Broadpeak can help.





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