5G Streaming

With video streaming traffic increasingly shifting to cellular networks, new challenges and opportunities emerge for operators. Broadpeak is here to help.

New networks, such as 5G and 4G evolutions, are bringing new video streaming related challenges for mobile operators. Fixed wireless access (FWA), an increasingly popular way to access the Internet, can be a concern for consistent delivery of live streaming to main screens, as 5G and 4G remain unpredictable networks. Additionally, in certain markets, internet access and streaming services are only available through mobile networks.

And new and upcoming bandwidth-intensive Extended Reality (XR) and metaverse content are expected to be widely consumed on mobile devices like smartphones and VR/AR glasses, through 4G and 5G connections.

To respond to these requirements while controlling the ever-increasing costs in the network, as a mobile operator you must optimize the video delivery in your 4G and 5G infrastructure. You also need to find ways to monetize your extensive network investments with streaming video and application providers.

It’s time to adopt new network models and leverage new opportunities. Broadpeak 5G-ready advanced video delivery solutions unleash the potential of CDN to deliver a superior end-user quality of experience, optimize network costs and uncover new monetization services.

5G Streaming


Video consumers today have higher expectations over mobile network performance, particularly with 5G connections, touted as delivering ultra-high speed and extended coverage. Video streaming, including live event broadcasts, is quickly overtaking any other modes of video consumption, and expected to be available anytime, anywhere. This is even more prevalent in parts of the world where mobile networks are the only way to stream content, making mobile video QoE a major challenge.

Today 5G does not address all video streaming QoE challenges, especially during live broadcasts with peak audiences. Its capacity is finite and limited in low bands and, with new bandwidth-hungry applications emerging, the 5G pipeline is rapidly filling up.

In addition, mobile backhauls, and aggregation networks cannot always keep up with 5G’s pace of evolution: many microwave radio links are limited to 500 Mbps, while 5G base stations can now deliver 2 Gbps and more. This creates significant bottlenecks and QoE issues, such as rebuffering, poor video quality, high latencies and long start-up times.

These challenges drive the need for specific solutions for video streaming over 5G and 4G, particularly for live streams.

Closer to the User

CDN embedded in the 5G network guarantees content delivery.

Be in Charge

Mobile operators can control video streaming when congested.

Exceptional QoE

Always deliver high quality of experience even under high peak loads.

Flexible CDN Deployed

on multiple telco edge cloud and MEC environments

Broadpeak 5G solutions help mobile operators resolve video QoE challenges. Highly flexible, our CDN software can be deployed in any far edge and 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platforms, on virtual machines (VM) and as containers in a Kubernetes-managed environment. Offloading the network upstream to the edge cache node reduces the risk of bandwidth bottlenecks and congestion, which is key for bandwidth-intensive content like UHD, VR/XR, and future volumetric formats.

Additionally, Broadpeak has deployed its CDN software in multiple telco edge cloud and MEC environments made available by operators, network infrastructure vendors and cloud service providers.

With our technology solutions, operators can take control of streaming in critical situations, such as peak audience needs. Broadpeak’s CDN can manage streaming, with server-side segment selection (S4Streaming), and optimize how content is played out. This allows operators to apply common or group rules to mitigate congestion for the benefit of all mobile/5G users.





5G Streaming


OTT video streaming traffic through mobile networks has exploded in recent years. Social media platforms command the highest demand of mobile video traffic, closely followed by video-on-demand streaming services, generating up to 50% of video traffic over mobile networks in some regions.

This growth is expected to continue year-on-year, increasing fourfold between 2023 and 2028, according to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, November 2022, with bandwidth-intensive formats, such as HD, becoming mainstream and emerging formats (VR/XR, volumetric, holographic) consumed on mobile devices first. And with more streaming services offering live broadcasts, often sporting events that attract large audiences, mobile networks require growing capacity and increasing investment.

Under such conditions, and to sustain their business, operators need to find ways to optimize OTT video delivery, becoming cost-efficient and reducing energy consumption.

Are you ready to deal with the tsunami of video traffic from streaming services, avoid network saturation and keep your customer base? At Broadpeak, we can help you reduce network costs and stand above the competition.

5G-optimized CDN

Reduces global cost of OTT video delivery.

Cost-effective Elasticity

Cache nodes deployed based on demand.

Less Energy Needed

Optimized CDN infrastructure that consuming less energy.

Flexible Deployment

Different CDN deployment models to fit around your business.

Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN has been designed to help mobile operators thrive in a competitive landscape and address increasing demands for video streaming across mobile networks. It is optimized for 5G mobile networks, reducing the global cost of OTT video delivery and decreasing their IP, optical, mobile infrastructure investments and energy-consumption. Advanced CDN can be deployed in any far edge and 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) platforms, on virtual machines (VM) or in containers on a Kubernetes environment.

Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN solution brings unparalleled elasticity and maximized hardware use, reducing infrastructure cost and energy consumption. It can be orchestrated, so that cache nodes are deployed only where needed and when needed in the 5G network and scale up/down according to local demand. It is a truly open platform that can interface with any third-party Origin server and upstream CDN and is SVTA Open Caching compliant.

And it can be configured to fit around the operator’s business needs: implemented on-premises or in the public cloud; as a turnkey solution, a Managed Service or a SaaS model.





5G Streaming


5G deployments require extensive investment from operators, especially for their radio access networks (5G base stations). Yet 5G has not helped increase consumer Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and the commercial benefits of 5G to the B2B market on vertical segments such as the industrial sector, enterprises or governments are still to be realized.

With OTT video contributing the most to the global mobile data traffic (70% in 2022, 80% expected in 2028 according to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, November 2022), there is a major opportunity for operators to monetize their 5G pipeline with OTT video service providers, increasing the return from their significant 5G investment.

As most operators already have an optimized delivery network in place for their own TV/streaming service, monetizing it with third-party content providers, and particularly with OTT streaming platforms, makes perfect business sense.

Open CDN Solution

Natively designed to allow operator CDNs to deliver 3rd party content.

Monetize with OTT providers

Operators get higher 5G ROI and added business from OTT providers.

Accelerate Collaboration

Brokerage platform for content providers and operators.

Range of Business Models

Support for local cache business model if preferred.

With Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN solution deployed at the edge of the 5G network, we help further improve smart 5G video delivery pipe, so that you can offer a high-quality video distribution service over your mobile/5G networks to OTT content providers.

Compliant with Open Caching, our solution is natively designed to allow operator CDNs to easily deliver third-party content, and better monetize their network with OTT content providers.

Broadpeak also helps operators monetize their MEC platforms and 5G connectivity with a local cache business model for third-party content providers. With this model, content providers can deploy their own CDN nodes at the far edge to guarantee the quality of video delivery.

Finally, thanks to Broadpeak’s brokerage platform, you can allow any content provider to access their CDN in a SaaS mode and deliver their content with the best QoE over 5G. The portal increases visibility of the operator’s CDN, making monetization easier.





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