Live Video Streaming

Deliver the highest QoE for live video streaming at scale, anywhere and on any device.

As video consumption increasingly moves towards streaming formats, delivering live video at large scale over IP remains a challenge. Factoring in the requirements for low latency and high quality of experience (QoE), streaming live video to millions of concurrent viewers is a difficult problem to solve. Audiences expect viewing experiences on par or even better than broadcast TV when watching live events: no rebuffering, no poor video quality, no latency.

And if streaming live content wasn’t enough of a challenge, viewers also want to watch content anywhere, on any device. The ability to pause live events, record and replay brings added value to your customers, ensuring they continue subscribing to your services.

Pay TV operators and OTT content providers want to rely on the right technology partner to deliver high quality live streaming at vast scale and low latency, particularly for major events like the FIFA™ World Cup™ or the Olympics Games. With 4K becoming more prevalent, and 8K on the horizon, being prepared now is key to future-proofing your business.

Live Video Streaming


Delivering live video streams over IP remains a major challenge, with viewers showing little patience for latency or rebuffering issues. This becomes more pressing when they’re watching sports events, where timing is key. When delivering services to millions of viewers, broadband networks often struggle to provide live experiences comparable to broadcast technologies. Failing to meet your customers’ expectations will lead to subscriber churn and can damage your brand’s reputation.

With streaming devices being promoted from “second screens” to main viewing screens, QoE becomes decisive. For OTT providers buying a global CDN service, delivering terabits per second of high-quality video at scale during major live events’ peaks, comes at a high cost today – likely to become unsustainable in the future. This is even more concerning when you introduce additional elements such as 4K, or higher, resolution.

Sustainability is becoming an important consideration too. One way to address some of these issues could be to implement more hardware, which is both inefficient and environmentally unfriendly when the need is just to deliver a couple of hours of live content per week. So, what is the solution?

Ensure Best QoE for your Viewers

Eliminate buffering, zap time and latency at the lowest cost.

Scale Confidently

Deliver vast amounts of live video streams to millions of users.

Reduce Churn

High QoE means happier customers and creates subscriber loyalty.

Partner With the Best

Broadpeak continues to innovate delivering solutions to real live streaming challenges.

Whether you’re a service provider, a content publisher or rights’ owner, Broadpeak has the right solution for you to deliver your content at scale, with the highest possible QoE and affordable cost.

For network operators, Broadpeak offers a turnkey CDN solution that is deployed in a distributed fashion across the network to deliver content close to the subscribers. Whereas this infrastructure is primarily used for operators’ pay-TV services, they’re increasingly working together with OTT streaming providers to leverage the CDN solution. This makes streaming more deterministic and predictable, bringing low latency and  QoE to end-users.

We pioneered the Multicast ABR solution, that leverages IP multicast capability inside the operator network to scale streaming. Live streams can be replicated to millions of users, allowing them to simultaneously watch the same content, significantly reducing buffering, latency and zap time, even with UHD video. And for increased monetization, you can deliver targeted advertising on live channels with, Broadpeak’s SaaS-based API platform.

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Live Video Streaming


Traditional TV broadcasting is progressively being replaced by multiscreen streaming, even for live content. Beyond the TV screens, the convenience and accessibility of mobile devices drives demand for streaming.

But one frequent challenge is the additional streaming-induced latency, with a up to a minute, often more, behind broadcast transmission on live events. This is a major drawback for audiences looking to enjoy live sporting events through streaming, especially when watching on their main TV screens.

For network and video services operators this means implementing the right technology solutions to avoid losing on revenue from subscriber churn and potential business opportunities.

Broadpeak has the right suite of solutions to minimize latency while delivering the best QoE on live video streaming.

Broadcast-like experience

Optimized CDN solutions dramatically reduce latency on live events.

No Compromise on QoE

Innovative technology solutions ensure optimal QoE on live streaming.

Predictable Network Performance

Video delivery closer to the user with Broadpeak’s Open CDN.

Best Practices

Broadpeak continues to innovate on live streaming solutions.

Deploying an optimized infrastructure, whether CDN or Multicast ABR, makes video delivery more deterministic. This is the best approach to reducing latency, as it shortens the buffer on the playback device while eliminating player issues. Specifically designed for this, Broadpeak’s Multicast ABR enables operators to send a single copy of live content to all users at once, utilizing a very small amount of reserved bandwidth. It ensures secure and steady delivery with nearly no constraint on the buffer.

Additionally, with Broadpeak’s server-side segment selection, S4Streaming, the best quality content is automatically selected from the video server rather than the client, which often lacks accuracy in a low latency context. Content is then delivered to viewers based on pre-selected policies, ensuring the best QoE at the most reduced latency.

If you’re looking to address your live streaming latency issues, Broadpeak is the right partner to deliver proven technology solutions and business expertise.

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Live Video Streaming


Internet traffic growing exponentially 20% year-on-year (CAGR), with as much as 78% from streaming alone. Video delivery is rapidly moving from broadcast to streaming, and particularly live events, which were traditionally watched on linear broadcast channels, are creating massive peaks on internet traffic. This brings enormous challenges for scalability.

As audiences demand to watch live content anywhere, on any streaming device, network constraints impose reductions on QoE. Viewers have little tolerance for rebuffering, low resolution, high latency and zapping time – and will switch providers if your delivery is not on par with their expectations.

How can you scale the number of delivered streams to meet consumer demands without losing quality? Broadpeak has the answers.

Scale Without Concerns

Deliver live events to millions of users without compromising on QoE.

More Efficiency, Less Infrastructure

Reduce capacity requirements by up to 50%.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Less infrastructure, less costs, less environmental impact.

Proven Technology

Five million nanoCDNTM agents deployed globally.

Broadpeak addresses video streaming scalability issues by optimizing delivery with intelligent and efficient caching. Through continued innovation, Broadpeak caching can deliver up to three times more capacity than was possible before with the same infrastructure.

Broadpeak technologies like S4Streaming (server-side segment selection) ensure that you can scale your video streaming without losing on QoE. The solution automatically chooses the best content quality from the video server, enabling scalability and improving low latency issues on live content. By enabling dynamic bandwidth management, S4Streaming guarantees the best possible adaptative bit rate (ABR) experience for consumers, based on configurable policies.

Additionally, Broadpeak’s nanoCDN™ multicast ABR technology addresses the two main limitations of ABR – scalability and QoE, by leveraging multicast capability and caching at the consumer device. Now you can deliver millions of live video streams with a broadcast-like experience.

Multicast ABR eliminates streaming peaks, reducing the need to scale infrastructure by up to 90%. Less equipment means less cost and less environmental impact. Now you can address scalability concerns with Broadpeak’s solutions and expertise.

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