At Broadpeak, we believe it’s critical to implement a Corporate Social Responsability policy to succeed in the long-term with our partners, and to be a good place to work at with a minimum environmental footprint.

We believe that the more people who contribute to sustainability, the greater the impact! Together, we can be more efficient and impactful. That’s why we have adopted a global CSR approach for our teams, partners, suppliers, and customers.

We have designed a Code of Conduct that organizes our engagement, offers guidance on decision making based on a corporate social responsibility approach, and shows stakeholders how to put Broadpeak’s values into practice.


We want to help build a brighter future for the world and its inhabitants. Not only does technology is at the core of our business, but we also believe that tech is an enabler to achieve this brighter future. But tech is nothing without the Humans behind it.

We deliver media and entertainment to people in the form of video. Our purpose is to enable people to feel emotions, to learn, to connect them, to entertain and inform them about the world through the delivery of video. Video is a way for us to be connected, to share and grow as human beings and as a society.

We are very aware of the impact that our activities, our industry and our business have on the Earth and are already acting to reduce it. Due to the very nature of our business and our global reach, we have to travel by air often, so we have decided to offset our travel-related C02 emissions. We are currently assessing the soonest possible target date to become fully carbon neutral.

As a global company made of professionals with a variety of backgrounds and origins, we believe that providing good working conditions and equal opportunities everywhere to our teams, our partners, providers and our entire ecosystem is key to build a world in which each has a chance to grow with more equity, respect and possibilities. And despite being global, we believe that local communities have a key role to play in this. Supporting our local communities is a way for us to give back to them, and create local networks and space for everyone, companies and individuals alike, to grow.



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Carbon emissions offset

The activities inherent to our business lead us to travel. Whenever possible, we choose the train over the plane, but many times we have to fly. We have decided to offset our travel-related CO2 emissions by planting trees in several part of the world and support local communities by developing sustainable agroforestry projects.

As planting trees is a longer-term solution to offset carbon emissions and that time is running out, we are also currently evaluating more short-term solutions like Direct-Air Capture.

Reducing our waste

We have implemented recycling policies in our offices and are considering a composting program at our HQ.

A greener commute

we encourage our teammates to come to the office by public transportation, bike or car-sharing.

A more energy efficient streaming 

we are developing products that are more energy efficient to reduce the environmental impact of the streaming industry. Read more

Continuously improving working conditions

At Broadpeak, we care about the planet, but we also care deeply about every single person in our team!

Conversations and exchanges about working conditions, office life, etc. are encouraged and facilitated at all levels within Broadpeak, through regular meetings, polls, and more. We offer a safe working environment and are continuously looking for ways to improve working conditions for everyone. Recently, we increased the flexibility for remote work, one of many examples!

Leading the charge toward equality

At Broadpeak, we believe that everyone should be treated equally independently of their gender, age, and origin.

Following a French government assessment on the salary equality between women and men, Broadpeak achieved a score of 82 out of 100 in 2023. There is obviously still room for improvement, but as we had put this topic on the top of our priority list, our high score in the past few years demonstrate our commitment to equity within our teams.

See the detailed results here (in French).



We are very grateful for the support from our families and friends, our communities, from people and organizations who have trusted us over the years and can acknowledge their importance in our success! Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to receive such support. It is now our turn to offer our time, skills and financial contribution to others.

We support several non-profit organizations including Internet Society that empowers people to keep the internet a force for good: open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy.

We also support Kodiko, a French non-profit, that helps refugees in their professional integration in France. Several Broadpeakers were peered with a refugee to accompany them, provide an “insider” experience and often share much more! Read more about this here.

We offer the opportunity to our employees to spend working hours volunteering for non-profits.


We designed a that organizes our engagement, offers guidance on decision making based on a corporate social responsibility approach, and shows stakeholders how to put Broadpeak’s values into practice.

We have set a list of KPIs to evaluate and track our progress in many aspects of the CSR: governance, social, environment, sustainable sales and procurement.

To ensure that our intentions are put into action and ultimately more sustainable practices, our ESG policies are regularly assessed by Ecovadis, a CSR and sustainable purchasing assessment platform. In 2021, our overall score reached 59 out of 100, 13 points higher than the industry average and an improvement of 7 points since the previous assessment in 2019.

There are still many things that can be done to improve our ESG approach, and we are committed to taking action immediately, as described in our ESG Plan (available within Broadpeak’s Code of Conduct).