At Broadpeak, our mission is to empower video service providers so that they can stream the content people love with a compelling quality of experience!

For more than a decade, we have been working with pay TV operators, broadband service providers, OTT streaming platforms, content providers and aggregators, of all sizes, around the world to deliver video to their subscribers with the best possible experience.

Some of the most successful service providers in the world have trusted us for years!

Our customers include


Why choose Broadpeak?

Because we bring our technology and leadership to support your growth and success. Whether you are looking for software to deploy or platforms to use, our best-of-breed innovative solutions will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition!

Working with Broadpeak, you make sure your video delivery system is future-proofed with continuous improvement. Finally working with Broadpeak, you gain a partner that values long-term relationships and will be by your side on the road to success!



More than 200 million end-users today watch their favorite shows through our solutions across 50 + countries.

Working with us means that you can leverage Broadpeak’s experience curve. By choosing us, you access a technology that leading video streaming platforms use every day to deliver a best-in-class experience at scale.

As video streaming is eating the world, you need a future-proofed partner that has a vision and understands how the industry is changing.



A huge amount of video streaming capacity needs to be deployed in the coming years in order to cope with the craving demand for Ultra HD content from billions of viewers.

Broadpeak’s software can deal with massive number of concurrent video sessions with a fraction of the hardware footprint necessary for alternative solutions.

Today, the most advanced technologies also need to be respectful of the planet. By constantly increasing our software performance, we deliver products that perform efficiently in order to reduce the carbon emissions of video streaming.

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Innovation is key at Broadpeak, we define ourselves as trailblazers and we have pioneered in various areas, including the multicastABR solution with our first prototypes in 2012. The long list of awards and patents we’ve been granted over the years can testify of our innovative mindset.

And most importantly, this means that you can benefit from these innovations and differentiate and be ahead of your competition!

Security has become an essential component of video delivery systems over the internet. We support our customers in securing their infrastructure, their content and in dealing with threats. All of our solutions are designed with security in mind from the very beginning.



We live in a fast-paced world, in which the best technology of today can be outdated tomorrow! You need a partner that offers you adaptability, the latest technologies, and a quick time-to-market.

An evolutive road-map

At Broadpeak, we like to say that our products are alive! By that we mean that they are continuously being upgraded to support the latest requirements, technologies and needs of our customers. Our roadmap is evolving to ensure that our products are and stay future proof. You don’t have to worry about end-of-life, and you can feel safe about your investments being protected over time.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Bringing together a high-performance video streaming service requires several components that need to be integrated. As we provide best of breed solutions, we facilitate our customers integration by adopting a CI/CD method.  

By leveraging Broadpeak’s continuous integration or even continuous deployment, you gain speed and remain nimble by using our software or platforms. From cat herding to automation and DevOps, with Broadpeak, you can accelerate your pipelines for a better time to market and a maximum service availability.

Being Agile

The agile way of working has long proven its efficiency in the engineering world. For years, Broadpeak’s teams have implemented Agile scrums which our customers and partners can join to meet their tight deadlines.



With Broadpeak, you’re in good hands!  When you decide to work with Broadpeak, you do not just sign a contract with a vendor, you start a real partnership with a team of professional human beings! We value long term relationships and we believe transparency is at the heart of it.

At Broadpeak, we care! It’s not only one of our value, it’s a practice that we embrace daily in our work. We support our customers, genuinely and we are ready to go the extra mile when needed. We bring the same care to all projects, small, medium or big. Your success is our fuel.

Give us your trust, and you will experience the Broadpeak easy-to-work-with touch!


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