Content Anywhere, Anytime

Delivering VOD and live streaming services to audiences everywhere, on any device has become imperative. Can you meet your customers’ needs today?

If you’re a content provider or operator, the Media & Entertainment landscape is becoming more competitive by the day. Reaching and retaining the highest number of viewers, everywhere, with engaging VOD and live streaming services is essential!

Viewers have come to expect the ability to find content quickly, pause live and on-demand playback, as well as record to catch-up later, at the highest quality of experience (QoE). Welcome to the era of On-demand linear TV!

For satellite video and VSAT providers, the challenges lie on delivering masses of streams, even to remote areas, with no compromise on quality. Expanding your services to stream OTT content, both live and VOD is key.

Broadpeak’s solutions deliver unparalleled video QoE to audiences anywhere, on any devices, no matter what your business model might be.

Content Anywhere, Anytime

On-demand linear TV

Providing your subscribers with on-demand access to broadcast TV content, during or after the live show, is proven to build service following and subscriber loyalty. Traditionally video service providers have deployed STB-DVRs that enabled subscribers to time-shift and make personal recordings of their favorite TV programs.

For years, video service operators have been offering their traditional TV channel bundle with capabilities such as catch-up TV, time-shifting, start-over and personal video recording, with flexible quotas. All this on an ever-increasing range of devices, both in the home as well as on-the-go.

Going forward, adopting a Cloud DVR solution where the recording and storage is implemented on the operator’s cloud infrastructure greatly reduces the storage CapEx outlay, while enabling new services.

Are you ready to implement an all-ABR Cloud DVR solution that addresses these business challenges?

Reduced Churn

Keep viewers engaged watching their favorite linear TV content anytime, anywhere.

New Business Models

Offer pricing options around storage quotas, monthly fee, per channel…

Unparalleled Flexibility

Feature-rich Cloud DVR functionality gives you granular control.

High Quality of Experience

Viewers get the best recorded content quality with adaptive bitrate.     

Broadpeak’s solutions make it straightforward to implement Cloud DVR services as it supports a range of copy modes, from shared copy to different optimized private copies.

Viewers can watch their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere and on any streaming device, at the highest quality. They can launch any number of personal recordings in parallel, on various channels simultaneously, with no storage limitation – you decide how much they can do!

All these options can include personalized, targeted advertising to maximize monetization opportunities.

Highly flexible, Broadpeak’s Cloud DVR solution can be implemented in a hybrid environment (on-premises and cloud) maximum cost efficiency.

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On-demand linear TV


On-demand linear TV


Content Anywhere, Anytime


Satellite operators and service providers have played a key role in video distribution over decades. However, the demand for both live and on-demand content, anytime on any smart device requires IP-based solutions that can deliver millions of simultaneous streams, without impacting the quality of experience.

OTT video consumption is quickly gaining ground over traditional broadcast, and with scarce bandwidth, delivering broadcast-like video to consumers, no matter how remote, is a major challenge. And with the convergence between video and IP networks, it is time to look at efficient solutions to remain competitive and reduce customer churn.

Whether you’re a long-term satellite video provider looking to expand your offering with streaming video, both VOD and live or you’re a VSAT service provider looking to add video streaming to your data service delivery, Broadpeak has the right offering to address your business needs.

Expand Your Service

Satellite video providers can offer new OTT-based services

Increase ARPU

Deliver to smart devices, live and VOD, on top of linear TV

Avoid network congestion

Data providers leverage multicast for reduced bandwidth

Reduce time-to-market

Leverage Broadpeak’s pre-integrated solutions and expertise

At Broadpeak we have a range of solutions for established satellite video service providers to future-proof their video strategy.

Broadpeak’s nanoCDN™ multicast ABR technology eliminates the shortcomings of unicast to bring scalability to live multiscreen video delivery. With nanoCDN™, which can run on cost-effective consumer devices, satellite video providers can expand their service footprint to remote areas, scale rapidly and exponentially grow their customer base with no compromise on QoE. The addition of satellite to the delivery network offloads congestion on fixed line networks and improves resilience.

VSAT providers can address a range of use cases around mobility, enterprise networks, cellular backhaul, government and more with Broadpeak’s portfolio of pre-integrated solutions, which include targeted advertising, auditing, analytics and a SaaS offering with

Broadpeak is part of SKYflow, a native IP-over-satellite ecosystem that offers cost-effective, ultra-fast delivery of live video to mobile devices and large screens alike for global audiences. This provides a pre-integrated solution that shortens time to market while reducing technical risk.

Monetize your existing platform and expand your services to meet growing streaming demands with Broadpeak.



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