Immersive Experiences & Content

Increasingly demanding audiences are looking for new streaming experiences. Videos service & content providers need to be ready to deliver the next generation of immersive content.

Consumers’ appetite for immersive content and mixed-reality experiences is on the rise, with new or experimental technologies coming into the scene.

New audio and video formats, new protocols and capture technologies are being developed to create more enriching and sensory experiences. This ranges from readily available technologies such as Dolby HDR and Atmos (3D audio), 360-video, to those being gradually deployed at scale such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and others in early stages such as Mixed Reality (MR), volumetric and holographic video.

Immersive Experiences & Content


Audiences want to enjoy immersive content in the comfort of their living rooms and the convenience of their streaming devices. However, delivering sophisticated MR, volumetric and holographic content to video streaming devices raises a range of new challenges for video service and content providers.

To begin, immersive content requires ultra-fast response times and / or extensive networking bandwidth – something that is not always possible. This comes at a considerable price: with large bandwidth requirements to deliver content at low latency, costs escalate quickly, often becoming a blocker to deliver immersive audience experiences.

How can operators reliably and cost-effectively deliver 150 Mbps volumetric video bitrates to a significant audience? How can they guarantee stable latencies of 10 milliseconds for AR streaming?

There is one prominent element that plays an increasing role in addressing these challenges: the use of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), and Broadpeak is at the forefront of innovation in MEC for CDN workloads.

Scale immersive content delivery

Host caching & streaming functions closer to the user with MEC to guarantee content delivery.

Reliable Delivery

High-quality immersive experiences at reduced latency and cost.

Leverage Latest Technologies

Benefit from our innovation on immersive content delivery.

Make it a Reality

Leverage our expertise to deliver your immersive project.

With the adoption of new video standards and the mastery of MEC technologies, Broadpeak makes it possible to deliver latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive content for the best immersive experiences.

MEC allows to host caching and streaming CDN applications much closer to the user, reducing latency and increasing delivery reliability. Broadpeak’s CDN for MEC leverages container-based CDN workloads, edge CDN orchestration and ultra high-density edge streaming servers, keeping costs under control.

Using Broadpeak’s cloud-enabled CDN solutions on any Edge cloud platform, video services and content providers can efficiently avoid network congestion and bandwidth limitations in the mobile network, while providing a superior viewing experience.

Thanks to our extensive experience in video streaming, active role in video standardization bodies, such as SVTA and DVB , and our long-standing ability to handle sophisticated video formats, Broadpeak can provide the right solution to deliver first-class immersive experiences.

With a forward-thinking research team in place, we’re always looking to innovate, so if you have a cutting-edge plan around immersive technology, we’d like to hear from you. Whether you bring content, network or devices, we can complete the puzzle and help make your immersive project a reality.

Immersive Experiences & Content


Immersive Experiences & Content


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