Decrease video Streaming Costs

Delivering video is hard. Delivering video cost-effectively is even harder. Broadpeak helps operators and OTT providers keep video streaming costs under control.

With the increase in video streaming and the abundance of content providers and distributors, transporting third party content has become a substantial challenge for network operators. The need to expand their network infrastructure to meet demands often comes with a high price tag.

At Broadpeak we bring you the opportunity to deliver the content closer to the user, so operators do not have to build a vast network infrastructure. Our solutions deliver maximum video capacity within the network, at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved through exceptionally performant, high-density servers, Open CDN technology and energy efficiency. And if you’re looking to leverage the flexibility of the public cloud, we can provide you with expert advice to be cloud smart.

Partner with Broadpeak to provide additional services to content providers, reduce infrastructure needs and power consumption, while driving your video streaming costs down!

Decrease Video Streaming Costs


The pressure is on for video operators, with audiences gradually shifting towards OTT consumption. This, compounded by the legacy technology that many video operators are still using, is making the pay TV proposition increasingly expensive versus its potential financial return. Outdated transport stream distribution with IPTV, dedicated head ends and security-like conditional access is becoming increasingly expensive. Added to that, video operators now must deliver to legacy set-top boxes as well as the streaming stack, doubling costs.

However, if you’re a video operator, there is an opportunity to simplify your video distribution by removing the legacy technology from the network, only using streaming technologies. This will not only reduce your costs but enable you to meet the needs of your pay TV subscribers as well as offering streaming OTT services. You’ll also be implementing a much more sustainable technology stack with a noticeable reduction in energy consumption.

Eliminate Legacy Technology

Move your video delivery to efficient streaming technology.

Considerably Reduce Costs

Elastic containerized CDN optimized for audience demand.

Meet Your Audience Needs

Reduce subscriber churn by providing OTT offerings.

Sustainable Solutions

Higher density servers mean less hardware and less expense!

At Broadpeak, we help video operators transform their legacy video delivery technology into streaming networks. Thanks to its higher density, the solution can deliver a extensive number of streams and bandwidth with fewer servers.

In addition to highly performant servers, we have brought some of the capabilities of high-end server technology to more modest hardware configurations. Thanks to our constant quest for innovation, we can deliver more streams than alternative market offerings, at a fraction of the cost.

Through virtualization and elastic CDN, video operators can leverage the CDN as a containerized application on a temporary basis, aligned with demand, such as high audience live events. The CDN now becomes an application that is specialized in delivering video with the right QoE. The hardware can be used for CDN functionality when required, redeployed for other functions when not used as a CDN, or even turned off when demand is low, saving energy.

At Broadpeak we help you dimension your CDN correctly, so it’s optimized for your audience needs, while leveraging global CDNs for exceptional peaks. This brings you high efficiency and cost savings, with a modern, sustainable technology stack that allows you to scale up and down when your business requires it.





Decrease video Streaming Costs

Open CDN

As video consumption moves quickly from broadcast to streaming and more content owners add direct-to-consumer video traffic to ISP networks, traditional CDN infrastructure struggles to deliver good quality of experience. This is especially obvious for live sporting events where viewers have low tolerance for latency and rebuffering.

As an ISP, throwing more dollars at the problem to scale your CDN infrastructure becomes unsustainable, both financially and environmentally. You will need to scale to millions of viewers and implement technical optimizations, not only for your own video distribution, but also for third-party   OTT content.

In today’s highly competitive video streaming landscape, it becomes increasingly important that network providers open their CDN to content owners so that their video traffic can benefit from the existing delivery optimizations, thus reducing infrastructure requirements and cost for both network providers and content owners. 

How can you reduce your infrastructure costs, while delivering the highest quality of experience to your content providers? Broadpeak’s Open CDN is the answer.

Infrastructure Savings

Save on costly CDN infrastructure, even when you need to scale.

Same QoE, lower cost

Broadpeak’s unmatched viewer QoE at a fraction of the cost.

Sustainable Growth

Ensure financial and environmental sustainability as your business scales.

Technical Expertise

Leverage Broadpeak’s video expertise to implement the right CDN strategy.

Say good-bye to costly CDN infrastructure when you need to scale direct-to-consumer video content! Broadpeak’s Open CDN helps reduce considerable costs on implementation, ultimately benefiting both ISPs and content providers. Combining Open Caching technology with intelligent business management, the solution makes it extremely simple and cost-effective for content owners to move streaming further down the network, closer to the viewer, with significant QoE improvement.

Reduced CDN traffic means less expenditure and a lower carbon footprint. With Broadpeak’s Open CDN, ISPs can now easily offer content owners the same simplicity that global CDNs provide, but much more cost-efficiently and at significantly better quality.

For content owners streaming major live sports events, Open CDN brings enormous value, at a fraction of the cost of public CDNs. It is easy to deploy and comes with Broadpeak’s expert team to advise on best industry practices to cut down on video streaming costs while delivering an unmatched QoE to viewers.

Open CDN


Decrease Video Streaming Costs

Efficiently Deploying Public Cloud

You are probably considering using public cloud infrastructure for your video delivery, perhaps expecting to reduce your video streaming costs.

Deploying public cloud infrastructure brings flexibility: you can implement a range of video delivery functions, such as Origin, analytics, CDN selection, advertising and more, with the ability to scale up and down as your business requires. However, cloud investments do not always deliver a good return-on-investment, especially when it comes to moving around large amounts of high-quality video.

At Broadpeak we have years of expertise implementing video delivery solutions and are constantly innovating with a strong focus on efficiency, cost and sustainability. We can provide our customers with technical and strategic advice on what services can be efficiently deployed on public cloud infrastructure, so that they can meet their business goals.

Flexibility and Scale

Leverage the public cloud for flexible compute functionality.

Cost Efficiency

Implement cost-effective configurations in the public cloud.

Optimal Sizing

Size for consumption rather than peaks.

Cloud Expertise

Broadpeak can advise on the best public cloud configuration for your needs.

It’s time to be cloud smart: at Broadpeak we work with our customers to use the public cloud to their advantage.

Broadpeak’s solutions can be deployed across a range of infrastructure options, including on-premises, private and public cloud, and in hybrid configurations combining multiple environments. The compute capabilities of the public cloud are relatively cheap, therefore any function that does not transport video is well-suited for public cloud deployment, with the ability to scale up and down as needed.

At Broadpeak, we recommend that you size your public cloud compute deployments based on consumption rather than peaks. We have worked with operators that chose a range of deployment options including public cloud, so you can trust Broadpeak to recommend the best approach to implement your video delivery workflows in the most cost-effective way.

Public Cloud


Decrease Video Streaming Costs


Traditionally, sizing infrastructure for video delivery has been to account for worst case scenarios, such as audience peaks, major events, etc., with dedicated hardware for specific purposes. This is neither efficient, nor environmentally friendly.

With demand for OTT content growing exponentially, ISPs need to deploy larger, always-on, costly infrastructure deployments. Adding more hardware to scale up brings skyrocketing energy consumption and costs.

At Broadpeak, we think there is a better way. A more sustainable approach to increase efficiency and reduce costs is to optimize infrastructure deployments, cutting down energy consumption.

Efficient Infrastructure

Bring the streams closer to the viewer and reduce traffic.

Less Consumption, Lower Costs

7 to 8 times less power consumption to lower your power bill!

Better for the Planet

Energy efficient infrastructure results in more sustainable video delivery.

Leverage Broadpeak’s Experience

We know how to optimize your energy consumption.

The energy vs. cost equation is simple: the less energy you consume, the lower the cost.

Broadpeak delivers streaming solutions that consume 7 to 8 times less power per stream than traditional deployments. Technologies such as Broadpeak’s Open CDN and nanoCDN™ multicast ABR dramatically reduce traffic and infrastructure needs by moving video delivery closer to the viewer. You will soon see increased energy efficiency and cost savings as a result.

Years of implementing video delivery solutions have provided us with the business know-how to understand that having dedicated servers for specific functionality does not help the environment, or your budget! A more sensible approach is to leverage ISP networks for video delivery with Broadpeak’s optimized configuration. Rather than building your CDN for full peaks, our proposition is to provision for 80% of audience needs and leverage global CDNs when more is needed. 

Energy efficiency


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