Broadpeak Delivers High-Performance CDN Benchmarking Tool Leveraging Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and DPDK

Software-Based Tool Delivers Realistic Benchmarks, Improving CDN  Performance and Video Quality of Experience for Pay-TV Operators


CESSON-SEVIGNE, France — May 5, 2021 — Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, announced today a new software-based CDN benchmarking tool in collaboration with Intel. Using Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit), as well as Intel Network Builders’ Secure DevCloud environment, Broadpeak’s CDN benchmarking tool simulates highly realistic video player behaviors and supports next-generation protocols, allowing content providers and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver superior quality video to global audiences.

“Streaming standards and protocols are ever-evolving, and we recognized that the industry requires powerful, agile, and realistic benchmarking tools,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “We developed this innovative solution in collaboration with Intel to help our customers increase their CDN performance, deliver exceptional QoE for video streaming delivery, and reduce their impact on the environment by using less resources.”

Broadpeak’s CDN benchmarking tool provides users with detailed information about the performance of their content delivery network in real conditions, enabling them to make adjustments, as needed, to ensure the best performance. The tool is one of the first to offer full support for low-latency video streaming protocols, including Low Latency HLS and Low Latency DASH. Running on Intel-based servers that can temporarily be turned into test platforms to run the CDN benchmarking software, Broadpeak’s solution is highly portable, easy to install on-premises, and simple to update.


Since Broadpeak’s CDN benchmarking tool is purely software-based, it can run on any spare server, allowing cost-effective benchmarking and avoiding the need to invest in dedicated hardware for temporary needs.

“CDN is a fast-changing technology with rapidly evolving streaming protocols. To keep pace, content providers and ISPs need an efficient benchmarking tool that is able to emulate a real-life video delivery workload, and Broadpeak addresses this important industry challenge with a benchmarking software solution that operates on standard server hardware,” said said Lynn Comp, Vice President, Data Platforms Group, General Manager, Visual Infrastructure Division & NPG Strategy at Intel.

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