IBC 2016 – Show preview

Broadpeak – Stand 5.B72 (hall 5)

At IBC2016, Broadpeak, a leading provider of CDN solutions and video streaming technologies, will showcase video delivery optimization and monetization solutions. Using Broadpeak’s solutions, content providers and operators can offer a dramatically improved user experience over managed networks or OTT.


BkS350 Origin Packager V2.0:

At IBC2016, Broadpeak will show attendees how to improve multiscreen video delivery on managed networks and the open internet through on-the-fly packaging and unique cache management capabilities. Also new at the show is a TS input for the BkS350 Origin Packager, allowing use of a single packaging process in the content delivery workflow.

nanoCDN™ Multiscreen for satellite: “Satellite is back” as satellite operators can now cost-effectively deliver live and on-demand services across tablets, smartphones, connect TVs, and other OTT devices by leveraging a STB and Broadpeak’s nanoCDN technology.

Broadcache box: Broadpeak will unveil a local cache solution for content providers to dramatically reduce CDN costs while boosting subscribers’ Quality of Experience (QoE).


OTT Video Delivery Optimization Solutions for Broadcasters and Content Providers

umbrellaCDN™ CDN selection: With umbrellaCDN, content providers can always choose the most-adapted CDN for delivering video content. umbrellaCDN offers a variety of advanced capabilities, including CDN Diversity, a new technology that allows content providers to dynamically take into account the instantaneous quality of several CDNs as a service to deliver the content with the highest quality possible.

Broadcache box: Content providers can improve QoE for the subscribers of a network service provider by streaming from a local cache closer to end-users.

CDN services: Broadpeak provides a one-stop-shop solution to enable worldwide delivery of video content. Our team of experts will be on-hand at IBC2016 to discuss CDN options.

Video Delivery analytics: Broadpeak will bring its new standalone video analytics solution for displaying key video parameters to IBC2016. Using this solution, content providers can gain insight into the QoE actually perceived by end-users, leveraging critical information such as start-up time, stall durations, rebufferings, and user interactions.


Latest Video Delivery Innovations for Operators

Cloud PVR: Broadpeak offers all scenarios for shared copy and private copy cloud PVR. Using Cloud PVR, operators can deliver a broad range of services, including start-over, time-shift, and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, while only storing content once.

nanoCDN multicast ABR: At IBC2016, Broadpeak will highlight its multicast ABR solution for 4K content.

CDN in a box: Broadpeak’s CDN in a box dramatically simplifies the deployment of video streaming services by providing operators with essential capabilities, such as CDN management, video analytics, video streaming servers, and origin packaging. Broadpeak’s CDN services support a variety of OTT applications for operators, including disaster recovery, overflow, and fail-over scenarios to address their every need.

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