Kaltura and Broadpeak Selected by CETIN to Power Multi-National Super Aggregator Cloud TV Solution


  • Czech Republic’s CETIN, a member of PPF Group, to offer the central Cloud TV service, powered by the Kaltura TV Platform, as a single, cloud-based multi-national service.
  • Service intended to be launched across some of CEE Region’s most loved telco brands.
  • The new service will enable the telcos to become super-aggregators of content and provide users with a full hub for all of their live, time shifted and streaming services.
  • The service will debut an innovative Quality of Experience delivery solution that allows operators to prioritize viewers and/or content delivery in times of congestion – leveraging Broadpeak’s ABR delivery system S4Streaming technology, based on data from the Kaltura TV Platform.

New York, NY, July 28th, 2020Kaltura, the leading video cloud, announced today that it has been selected to deploy and power a new multi-national cloud TV service providing a single Cloud TV solution intended to be offered on wholesale principle across the CEE Region by CETIN, the infrastructure-based wholesale telecommunications services provider incorporated in Czech Republic.

Kaltura will deploy a complete cloud service including the Kaltura TV Platform, cross device user experience, security, origin packager and private CDN powered by Broadpeak. Kaltura will also act as the system integrator. In most instances these deployments will serve as a new TV service, expanding existing offerings such as broadband and telephony provided by the local telco. The solution may also include the migration of existing TV services to the new cloud-based platform.

The new service will provide an advanced multiscreen viewing experience for users on any device, including set top box, smart TVs and mobile devices. The service will serve as a super aggregator, designed to allow viewers to benefit from linear TV and live content, time-shifted services and most relevant streaming services all via a unified cross device and personalized experience. This super-aggregation strategy allows the operators to keep viewers within their branded experience, while allowing them to connect to their existing streaming subscriptions, directly within their trusted cloud TV service.

“We are honored to have been selected by CETIN to power their TV services in European countries,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO. “This is the third Cloud TV service that we have launched for global operators that are providing a single multi-tenant cloud-based TV service across multiple countries.  We are proud to deliver with our Cloud TV platform unmatched ROI by maximizing audience reach, engagement, and monetization, and by minimizing integration, deployment and upgrade time, complexities, and costs.”

“Consumers today expect their favorite content to be at their fingertips, no matter where they are – we look forward to providing them with a next generation streaming service that will ensure they have an amazing viewing experience, on any device” said Juraj Šedivý, CETIN CEO. “Kaltura’s proven track record with tier-1 multi-national cloud TV deployments was a Major differentiator when it came to selecting our partner of choice for this massive initiative. It was imperative for us to find one vendor to offer a complete solution that can evolve fast with an agile roadmap, delivered from the cloud, allowing our service to stay ahead of the curve.”

“We are honored to have been selected for this impressive initiative by CETIN,” said Nuno Sanches, Kaltura General Manager, Media and Telecom. “This massive deal solidifies our position as the go-to partner for multi-national TV deployments, as our Cloud TV Platform not only brings the best of OTT and Pay TV together but also allows operators to quickly scale and launch new operations and products from a single, cloud-based TV platform. We look forward to launching this exciting new service.”

“We are excited to take part in this significant new TV service across countries, languages and devices,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “ We pride ourselves on offering a hybrid delivery solution which combines the best of managed network with the benefits of the cloud, resulting in the most cost effective solution for our customers, and the optimal experience for their viewers.”

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