Advanced CDN


OUR SOLUTIONS ADVANCED CDN A content delivery network solution ready for the upcoming challenges of video streaming! Internet traffic is exploding, with video being the main driver. Live content combined with 4K format generates unprecedented peaks, a phenomenon accelerated by the migration from broadcast to Adaptive Bitrate streaming. New standards of quality are set by […]

Multicast ABR


OUR SOLUTIONS Multicast ABR Scale live video streaming to all screens, with no compromise on QoE M-ABR – Multicast ABR – was invented by Broadpeak in 2011 to bring together the best of two worlds: the scalability and compelling Quality of Experience (QoE) of broadcast TV and the capability to reach all screens brought by […]

Origin Packaging


OUR SOLUTIONS Origin Packaging Package and protect your video content. Address any player or device, for live and on-demand applications, reduce storage space, protect your ABR video content to control your video quality. Broadpeak’s Origin Packager packages and encrypts the video content on the fly in all standard HTTP  ABR formats, including HLS, MPEG-DASH & […]

Content personalization


OUR SOLUTIONS Content personalization Targeted advertising and video content personalization made easy With targeted ad insertion and video content personalization, you can monetize further your video service while delivering a customized experience for the viewers, whatever screen they are watching the content on. With BkYou, Broadpeak’s solution for ad insertion, you can deploy a first-class […]

Cloud DVR


OUR SOLUTIONS CLOUD DVR Petabytes of TV recordings at your fingertips Allow your subscribers to watch their favorite TV show anytime, anywhere on any device! With Broadpeak Cloud DVR solution you can manage catch-up TV, time-shifting, start-over and live TV recording in the network from a single system. Your subscribers can record an unlimited number […]

Analytics and monitoring


OUR SOLUTIONS Analytics and monitoring Transform raw data into gold! Video delivery analytics and monitoring support your marketing, operations and support teams for strategic decision making related to capacity planning, troubleshooting and video consumption analysis. Broadpeak solutions aggregates data and display real-time metrics from various components of the video delivery chain to provide detailed information […]

Our Solutions


our SoLUTIONS To overcome all the challenges you may face to stay ahead of competition, you need future-proof solutions! At Broadpeak, we develop cutting-edge solutions based on highly performing, robust, and secure technologies so that you provide a best-in-class experience to your subscribers, avoid churn, monetize your network and services while reducing your impact on […]