Ad Insertion Partners: Hoppr

Interview with Georges Laplanche, Head of Global Partnership at Hoppr.

What’s the relationship between Hoppr and broadpeak?

Hoppr is reinventing the way TV advertising is delivered. We partner with payTV providers and network service providers to explore untapped opportunities in the advertising world.
Hoppr has developed a set of technologies patented unique to achieve those goals, but technology is not our core business and Broadpeak has delivered a set of solutions that perfectly match ours to achieve this goal.

Why is the combination between Broadpeak & Hoppr great?

In particular, we found that the Server-Side Ad Insertion, the SSAI of the Broadpeak’s cloud suite,, allow us together to bring capex-less solutions to maximize the advertising opportunities. In fact, technologies from Hoppr are on the client-side of ad insertion while Broadpeak has server-side ad insertion and the two together allow us to offer the full suite of advertising on TV.

I have in mind, for instance, a major operator in Asia where together, with the server-side ad insertion, and the client-side ad insertion from Hoppr and Broadpeak. We will help them to maximize this revenue. The sales team of Hoppr, together with the team of the operator will offer advertisers, not only ad products in the live streams, but also very creative ad products from Hoppr.

Why do you like to work with Broadpeak?

As I said, the love for technology is common to both companies. The fact that part of our teams perfectly know operators, pay TV operators, service providers around the world make the partnership successful but also enjoyable with Broadpeak.


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