An innovative 10th anniversary’s celebration for Broadpeak


When we entered 2020, we promised you a surprise and some celebration in 2020…. And indeed 2020 surprised all of us us in many ways, not really how we had planned it!
We couldn’t implement what we had in mind, but as innovation is in the DNA of Broadpeak, we designed a very new type of digital celebration for our 10th anniversary!

We invited our best customers to live a one-of-a kind virtual event mixing networking, travelling, art and philanthropy with the worldwide top class VJs to celebrate the future of video!

We also opened the doors of our virtual Mountain Lodge to our friends in the industry where we had captivating conversations, innovative technology demos, great networking. And as we couldn’t meet in person this year, we are very happy that we could celebrate with you our birthday by supporting the Internet Society NGO, learning how to make poached eggs with a Michelin Star Chef, enjoying great music and wine !

Thank you all for your support, your business, your friendship and Cheers to the future of television!

Happy Birthday Broadpeak!

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