Bringing the Internet to remote Sherpa communities in Everest.

How the Internet Society and Nepal Internet Foundation provided reliable connectivity to 2 villages in Nepal with the support of Broadpeak and other donors.

Internet for Remote Communities

About 33% of the world’s population still isn’t connected to the Internet1 !

In the video streaming industry, we rely on the Internet to deliver news, entertainment, and educational programs to people. On top of discussing the best equation between cost, quality, and network dimensioning, the question of accessibility to video streaming is another topic that matters and needs to be addressed!

As Broadpeak has committed to contribute to more equity and inclusion in the digital world, supporting the development of Internet access to more communities is a no-brainer. This is why, since 2020, we have been supporting Internet Society, a global charitable organization that supports and promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.

When the Internet Society’s team approached us with the project of building the highest community network in the world, we could only decide to get on board! We were very excited about participating in bringing a faster Internet to remote communities to support their economic growth, the improvement of healthcare, and enable more educational tools to the kids.

Bringing the Internet to remote Sherpa communities in Everest.

As you may know, Broad Peak is the 12th highest mountain in the world at 8,047 meters, supporting communities living on the highest mountain in the world obviously strongly resonated with us.

We are very pleased that the project is successfully completed, and that the Sherpa communities have now access to a reliable Internet in the 2 villages of Khunde and Khumjung, just outside of the Everest trail in Nepal.

Broadpeak financial support contributed to the second phase of the project, which aimed at providing residents with fast and reliable Wi-Fi in their homes and businesses. It was completed in May of 2023 overcoming several challenges, including facing extreme weather, digging a 2.3-kilometer trench to bring fiber all the way to the villages, and raising bandwidth from 10Mbps to a maximum of 100Mbps!

The faster Internet connectivity should bring new education tools to the local students, improve healthcare by connecting the local hospital with other facilities and doctors within the country, and further and sustain economic growth, with the development of more tourism opportunities. You can read the full story, and donate to the Internet Society to support similar initiatives.

Bringing the Internet to remote Sherpa communities in Everest.

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