Broadpeak at CES 2024: The Future of Video Streaming

CES 2024 recently concluded in a resounding showcase of innovation and technological advancements. As one of the 4,000 exhibitors, we were proud to be there to highlight our solutions invented to enhance the user experience.

With over 135,000 attendees from 150 countries and regions, CES 2024 in Las Vegas was the perfect place for industry leaders to meet, dream, and engage about the upcoming challenges . For Mathilde Jouault, Field Marketing Manager for Americas, “CES is from far the best event to kick-off the year.” And we set the right tone for the year ahead, as Mathilde noted: “Our suite was busy all day long I was happy to see on-going back to back meetings every day”

We asked colleagues to define CES 24 in one word. They answered : Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Engagement, and Excitement. So, let’s delve deeper into how CES this year was all about these buzz words.

1. Exciting Highlights from the CES Experience:

CES is where awe-inspiring tech innovations and gadgets are unveiled, captivating people in Las Vegas, and our team is no exception.

Beyond the showcasing of cutting-edge technologies, CES 2024 offered a host of captivating experiences. After all, it is Las Vegas and the largest technology gathering in the world. Transparent TVs from LG at the entrance of Las Vegas Convention Center Central left visitors in awe, exemplifying the convergence of technology and design.

Additionally, the immersive adventure at The Sphere, where attendees were greeted by a human-robot, provided a glimpse into the future of interactive experiences. After entering, visitors ascended the escalators, where they discovered Darren Aronofsky’s immersive exhibition, “Postcard from Earth,” a sensory delight that is highly recommended for all visitors.

2. AI and Machine Learning: Unleashing the Potential

Artificial Intelligence took center stage at CES, captivating the global conversation. Numerous companies stressed the immense potential of AI in improving our lives.

Emilia David, a reporter who covers AI, affirmed that CES 2024 was dominated by AI, but the overuse of the term raised concerns about overpromising and clouding consumer expectations. While generative AI like ChatGPT captured attention, other technological advancements in robotics and computer vision took a back seat.

Despite the saturation of AI branding, experts argue that generative AI is simply the next stage of development within the broader field of machine learning.

As technology evolves, we may reach a point of disillusionment, but this will pave the way for new innovations and more suitable use cases. Looking ahead, we can expect to witness the emergence of exciting features and products that go beyond chatbots and large language models, although this transition was not yet evident at CES.

3. User Engagement and The Power of Personalization:

If AI took center stage, personalization was the next big thing. Today’s solutions have the power to offer personalized recommendations and interactive features. Users can now explore content that resonates with their interests, engage in interactive experiences, and embark on a truly personalized video streaming journey.

In our present-day world, personalization has transformed from a mere desire to an absolute necessity. This need for tailored experiences extends across various industries, encompassing smart homes, healthcare, and video streaming.

In our suite at the Venetian, we showcased cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to deliver personalized video streaming experiences to their customers. These solutions, like the ones provided through our SaaS platform, tailor content to individual preferences, and create seamless and individualized streaming experiences, ensuring users keep coming back for more. Our brand new demo about “interactive ads” for example generated a lot of attention.

During CES, content providers demonstrated their ongoing commitment to expanding consumer reach through innovative and high-quality video and audio offerings, as well as platform expansion.

Alongside these advancements, multiple providers announced new ad monetization strategies, such as interactive ads and in-ad purchase capabilities.

Meanwhile, discussions were held on ways to reduce costs. In this landscape, Broadpeak stands out as a unique partner that can assist content providers in all these areas. As Shawn O’Farrell, VP Sales Content Providers NAM, eloquently put it, “Broadpeak is uniquely positioned to help on all these fronts.”

Everlasting trends: Sustainability and Innovation

In Las Vegas this year, numerous exhibitors demonstrated their dedication to environmental-friendly solutions, and this is indeed a heartening sight, whether driven by market demand or a genuine commitment to values.

At Broadpeak, we commit to reduce the environmental impact of video streaming. Our video streaming servers stand out for their high-performance and improved energy efficiency. Leveraging multicast ABR technology, we can reduce the infrastructure required for streaming popular events, resulting in substantial cost savings and limiting the environmental impact of video delivery.

By focusing on enhancing Quality of Experience (QoE) for end-users while reducing its environmental impact we hope to pave the way for more sustainable video streaming solutions.

Broadpeak team at CES 2024
Broadpeak team at CES 2024

Conclusion: CES 2024 was an ALL ON experience!

The event spotlighted the significant role of technology in improving user experiences, with an emphasis on AI and machine learning.

Our presence at CES 2024 was very aligned with this and gave us a chance to mark our dedication to improving the quality of video experience, through machine learning and innovation and shaping the future of video streaming,

 Broadpeak’s solutions focused on personalization, allowing users to explore tailored content and interactive features. If you are looking for prioritizing quality of experience, reducing your costs, monetizing your offerings and reducing environmental impact and to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of video streaming, connecting with the Broadpeak team is highly recommended.


Or reach out to us today and be a part of it now!

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