Audiobook: The Race to Scale Live Sports Streaming

October 11, 2022

The e-book ‘The Race to Scale Live Sports Streaming” written by Paolo Pescatore and produced by Broadpeak is now available as an audiobook in the voice of Alison Campbell

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Broadpeak · The Sprint To Scale Live Sport

Sport is one of the few genres that creates more emotion than any other, in driving people to tune into the moment and experience the action live. We are at a pivotal moment with more users gravitating towards streaming for watching live sport.

The quality of experience is paramount as fans are not so forgiving as they don’t want to miss out on seeing those key moments and sharing experiences with each other. Numerous technical challenges remain in serving millions of concurrent viewers, especially for live sporting events. New immersive features enhancing the experience will place more pressure on over congested networks.

Collaboration between all providers will be key in order to provide the winning experience for fans which in turn will open up new revenue opportunities.

More people than ever before will stream the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

There is no turning back and all roads lead to a direct-to-consumer and a streaming future.