IBC Show: 10 things you should know before you go to IBC 2024.

 Are you an IBC first-timer? Do you know how to prepare for an IBC Show in order to make the most of your time in Amsterdam? 

Time needed to prepare for the show depends on if you are an exhibitor or only a visitor. “For a visitor, consider registering as early as June and booking hotels as early as possible as there is very limited space.” As explained by Elodie Levrel, Marketing & Communication Director at Broadpeak. So, if you’re a visitor you have plenty of time to get ready. Broadpeak has prepared some tips with the help of our IBC2023 savvy team! Check here how to get ready for IBC Show in 10 steps.

10. Registration – Get Your Free Entry:

First and foremost, stay updated with the official IBC website and social media to ensure you have the correct information. Your entry is free if you register in advance. You might have to pay a small fee close to the event, but if you left it to the last minute, you can still use our free exhibits pass : IBC5473, and get your free entry anyway.

free IBC show entry pass

09. Accommodation – Haven’t booked your hotel yet? Book it now!

The first thing you have to book is accommodation. IBC attracts a large number of attendees so hotels will be quickly fully booked, and you risk staying further out, having to make a long commute. It might be difficult to find rooms for reasonable prices now, but there are many other options with Airbnb. If you are booking for a whole team, you should know that RAI (RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, the place where IBC takes place) have a quite proactive and attentive team they help you and facilitates research and time with their listing of referenced hotels for IBC!

08. Transport – Pick up your Free Travel Pass.

Avoid taxis as it is expensive and RAI is just a short walk away by metro and tram. Some IBC first-timers don’t know this and end up buying a local pass to be able to use the public transport, but a free travel pass for public transportation and all GVB trains is available to every single IBC visitor. You can pick up your free pass when you arrive at any IBC information point that you can normally find in places like the airport. However, the passes will be distributed on a “first come, first served,” basis, so be sure to be quick and claim yours before they run out! They are valid for travel during the whole IBC show dates. There’s also a free shuttle bus to the venue. IBC provides shuttle buses that connect to the airport, several hotels, and the RAI exhibition center.

07. Organization – Download the IBC app to help plan each day at the show.

For this year’s edition we can expect lots of improvements, including interactive floorplan and show planning tools. According to Elodie “with the online application, you can see what exhibitors are showcasing at their booth and group your visits by hall on the same day/period. In that way, you’ll save time walking from one hall to another and your feet will thank you !”.

The organization will also depend on your goal, are you looking for a specific technology or want to get informed about the latest trends? It’s the best time to find all vendors, chat with them, compare offers, ask questions and find the most innovative products. The conference can also give you a good overview and deeper understanding of the challenges the industry is facing.  So, map your show in advance to have time to check out everything you want.

Heads-up : IBC provides free access to WiFi in some public areas but it does not extend across the whole venue. So, do all your online updates when you are in one of the WiFi areas. As the WiFi isn’t good on most of the show floor, think about taking a screenshot if you need to show email confirmations or documents that are online on your phone, so you don’t waste time trying to access them while in line.

6. Dress Code – Business casual, but comfy.

Do you know IBC has exhibitor dress code guidelines? All staff are expected to dress in business or business casual attire. So, even if you are just visiting, you can blend in by looking smart. In both cases, exhibitor or visitor, our recommendation is to wear the most comfortable “business casual attire” and shoes (at least two pairs to alternate) that you have. IBC is huge, you’ll be standing up for hours and walking miles a day. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our good-looking team in previous IBCShow.

How to dress at IBC Show
Broadpeak team at IBC Show  in 2022
Broadpeak team at IBC Show  in 2023

5. Food – Don’t get “hangry”. Don’t forget to eat, you will need some energy to walk through the halls!

Catering might be far, expensive, and if not both, will have to wait in a long line. Keep a nutrition bar in your bag, it can save your day. Water is also important, so don’t forget to stay hydrated, especially if you’ve been networking the previous night. We know these occasions might count on some drinks. “Breathe and sleep”, recommended Frederic Denaire, Pre Sales Manager at Broadpeak. It might seem pretty obvious but believe him, you’ll be extremely busy during the show, so don’t forget the basics: breathe, sleep, eat and drink water!

If you are in a group, don’t forget to book a table at restaurants. There are thousands of booked groups for lunch and dinner during the event, you don’t want to have a kebab as your only option left for your group. Juliette Bichot, Communication & Event Manager at Broadpeak and one of the responsible for Broadpeak’s successes during the latest editions recommends the restaurant Indrapura (Rembrandtplein 40-42, 1017 CV Amsterdam), according to her, it’s perfect for large groups and its atmosphere, food, and location are great.

But if you are not in a group and want to impress a prospect, our latest discovery is The Secret Garden (Reguliersdwarsstraat 38, 1017 BM Amsterdam). It has off-the-scale decoration and ambiance, and the food is a trendy fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. It’s absolutely delicious, but be ready to splurge—Perfect for when you need to make a big impression!

restaurants amsterdam IBC
restaurants amsterdam IBC
to eat more sustainably

For those seeking more sustainable dining options, here are some recommendations:

  • Bolenius: A high-end restaurant with a green Michelin Star, featuring hyper-local produce, seasonal dishes, and biodynamic wines. More about Bolenius

  • De Kas: Located in a former municipal greenhouse, this restaurant also boasts a green Michelin Star and uses local and seasonal produce. More about De Kas

  • Lowlander Botanical Brewery: A botanical brewery that also serves food with an ethos to “maximize taste while minimizing waste”. Mostly plant-based and a healthy choice! More about Lowlander.

And if you are familiar with Broadpeak, you know we have strong advocates for sustainability on our team. You also know that our Corporate Marketing and Communication Director, Elodie Levrel, is personally and actively involved in various sustainability initiatives. What you might not know is that she also runs an Instagram account called @elo_eco_eateries. There, she shares her curated collection of all the sustainable eateries she’s visited and approved. It’s your go-to guide for eating sustainably on the go!


4. Conferences, free events, happy hours:

Explore the conference schedule to identify the sessions, keynotes, workshops, and other events that you would like to attend. Conferences are pay-to-attend but you can watch some of the conference sessions for free on the screens in the common areas. Other than that, there are many other free events and “after-work networking” that you can join and things to do during the event. Here you can find the top things to do at IBC2024. Stay tuned because soon we’ll share the main trends to watch at IBC2024. This link can also help you plan you trip.

Conference at IBC Show

Jacques Le Mancq, Broadpeak’s CEO & President, speaking at IBC 2019

3. Get Social – Networking opportunities:

Reseach and identify key industry professionals, exhibitors, and potential business partners you would like to meet before the show. That’s why you’re going in the first place! Have your pitch and business cards ready to make a lasting impact during networking opportunities. But be careful, as Ricardo Moreira, Broadpeak’s VP of sales Western Europe, said “don’t try to sell something. Just try to understand customer challenges”. Take the opportunity to make meaningful connections.

Wondering how to approach people? Ask people their opinion on the show. People love to talk about themselves and give their opinion, so, you can just ask for their tips and views like “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far?” or “What booth would you recommend paying a visit to?”. We can guarantee it works as a perfect conversation starter.

IBC Show floor

Broadpeak’s booth 2023

2. Get even more social – Join the conversation on social media.

Social media is the way today to see and be seen. Take part in trending talks using the IBC hashtag #IBC2024, and don’t forget to mention your company. Swing by our booth and snap a picture with our #IMATIBC wall as your backdrop! Use the social media search engine to find companies and people. If you have the LinkedIn App on your phone, you can go to “my network” and scroll until you find the suggestions based on your geographical location, change your location and that is, the app will recommend connections that are at the IBC show too.


1. Book meetings in advance.

Research the exhibitors and companies attending IBC to familiarize yourself with their products and services. Make a list of what you want to see. You can find all this information on their website and social media channels. Then book a meeting in advance. This is your chance to be 1to1 with the technical & sales teams to discuss your own use case over a demo.  For example, if you are an OTT service provider, looking to launch a FAST channel, a content provider looking for the best ways to monetize your content, or you are a broadcaster wondering how to secure a smoother cloud migration, you should book a meeting with Broadpeak now! This will help you save time and focus on the areas that align with your interests and goals. And by securing a meeting ahead of the show, you know you won’t have to wait to meet with the exhibitors as sometimes stands get really busy!, after all, people who have scheduled appointments will always be given priority over those who arrive without a booking. 

Come say hi!

Every single person we spoke with had one resounding message: if you truly want to make the most of IBC, you’ve got to be a step ahead of the game. Anticipate. Prepare. Take notes. These tips are your golden tickets to an unforgettable and successful IBC experience. Remember, as Elodie wisely emphasized, “Get ready to take on IBC like a pro! Planning ahead is essential, and don’t forget to jot down notes along the way. Believe me, after four whirlwind days of networking and conversations, those notes will be your lifeline to remember all the valuable connections and discussions!”

                                                                                                          Last, but not least…

If you find spare time between all the meetings try to enjoy Amsterdam. A must for all visitors? Certainly “a boat cruise on the canals to see most of the city center easily” as Ricardo and Elodie agree.

The city is known for its museums like Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House to quote just the most famous ones (so, if you plan to visit them: again, book it in advance). But also for its culture and nightlife. You can find all the information about the city and what’s going on via its official website iamsterdam.

But if you are an experienced IBC goer who has already visited all the must-see attractions, you might be more interested in hidden gems. Like the Our Lord in the Attic Museum (a former hidden Catholic church), this unique site offers a fascinating glimpse into Amsterdam’s history and the ingenuity of its inhabitants.


our lord of the attic
apple pie amsterdam
Brouwerij 't IJ

If museums aren’t your thing, you might want to try the best apple pie in town at Winkel 43 or refresh at Brouwerij ‘t IJ brewery, known for its craft beers and iconic windmill setting.

However, according to Frederic, the best way to enjoy Amsterdam is “going out of the tourist zone to meet locals”. How to do that? An idea can be to “rent a bike and enjoy getting lost in the streets of the city” as recommended by Juliette. But make sure to find your way back, as we’ll be waiting for you at Hall 1 #1.F83.

Amsterdam bike IBC show

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