[Video serie]: Bring the Sports Streaming Cup Home _ Episode #2

Game on, it’s money time! 

Watch the second episode of Broadpeak’s video series “Bring the Sports Streaming Cup Home!

In this episode, we explain how to win the Streaming sports game through the opportunities of cooperation between service providers and content providers. Broadpeak can act as a midfielder, enabling more cohesion in both sides of the team by providing solutions that benefit everyone in terms of quality and costs.

A good example of that is the recent deal whereby the rights for the top football league in Italy the ‘Serie A’ were acquired in partnership by DAZN and Telecom Italia, for the next few years. This is a fascinating example of how an OTT player and a network provider can join forces and use technology like the Broadpeak mABR solution to create value. With streaming and ABR, it is now a lot easier to introduce targeted advertising. As opposed to broadcast where the ads are typically the same for everyone watching. The Broadpeak Server-Side Ad Insertion is a tool to introduce targeted ads in the live streams for consumption on any device.

Start planning now to monetize the streaming of the next sports events.




Episode 1: Hit your target with the best experiences
Episode 3: Get a head-start with the A-team! Coming soon…


The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is only a year away, start planning now !



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