The five Ws is a software as a service (SaaS)  lauched on the 18th January. Broadpeak’s new API-based platform offers content providers, pay-TV operators, and OTT service providers an easy, fast, and reliable way to deliver advanced streaming quality to their subscribers. In other words, is a video API platform that adapts in real-time, so viewers get the right stream automatically. It personalizes streams based on information about the consumer, the content rights, the network, the location, the device, and more. We covered the five Ws here.

What is is an API video platform that adapts in the moment for an individualized streaming experience. It’s the right content, in the right place, at the right time. We don’t just stream video from point A to point B. Instead, content is delivered based on the end-user, right down to the type of device and location the content is being viewed on. It’s simple, scalable, and secure. 

Who needs

Streaming needs have increased exponentially. Every operator needs a video strategy to stay relevant, but many don’t have the staffing or infrastructure resources to constantly develop new projects and offers. makes it possible for a company to quickly launch new serviceswithout having to build and run them, because does it for them. You don’t need to be a video streaming expert, because we are.


What sets apart from other Saas platforms like this is Broadpeak’s decade-long history working with Tier 1 pay-TV providers. We can leverage that experience to take every piece of innovation we’ve brought to them and make it accessible to providers of all sizes. We believe that excellent customer service is imperative, and as a result, our customers have our support every step of the way and can access our support team 24/7.

When? was launched on the 18th January of 2022 and it’s already available.

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Learn more and get started here. 

You can also find’s updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Watch the interview with Mathias Guille – Vice President Cloud Platform at Broadpeak


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