What’s your best IBC memory? A short Broadpeak history through IBC Show

Do you know we could tell a big part of Broadpeak history through IBC, the prestigious International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Show?

The company’s relentless pursuit of innovation since its creation in 2010 has helped it establish a prominent position in the industry. Hence, Broadpeak has been participating in IBC Shows since its very beginning. We asked our team what their best IBC memory is. Watch here to discover what they had to share: 


How about you? What’s your best IBC memory?

For us, all these memories tell a little of the history of Broadpeak through the event. Jacques Le Mancq’s favorite memory is about the very first one when the founders drove to Amsterdam. Can you believe Broadpeak’s booth at IBC had only 4mx3m for this first participation?

Booth IBC 2010
Broadpeak first booth, IBC 2010

In its early days, Broadpeak focused primarily on addressing the challenges faced by telecom operators in delivering high-quality video IPTV services. This led to Broadpeak pioneering multicast ABR technology. Nivedita Nouvel, VP of Marketing, fondly recalls one of Broadpeak’s earliest award-winning achievements— CSI awards during IBC 2012 for the nanoCDN™ multicast ABR solution. This remarkable accomplishment showcased Broadpeak’s pioneering spirit, as acknowledged from the very beginning. nanoCDN™ enables video service providers to cost-effectively deliver video content with exceptional scalability and efficiency.

Multicast ABR
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This technology garnered tremendous interest from industry professionals. In recent years, multicast ABR has gained popularity because it allows for more efficient delivery of content by optimizing bandwidth usage and reducing network congestion. This approach is particularly beneficial for live streaming and large-scale events where there are a significant number of concurrent viewers. By using multicast ABR, service providers can achieve better scalability, ensure consistent streaming quality, and reduce overall streaming costs. As the demand for high-quality video streaming continues to grow, multicast ABR has become an increasingly popular solution in the streaming industry.


IBC Show
Broadpeak team building the company’s booth in 2019 - IBC Show

Following the success of its debut at IBC, Broadpeak continued to expand its portfolio of solutions and strengthen its presence in the market. The company introduced innovative products such as umbrellaCDN™, a content delivery network solution that optimizes the use of multiple CDNs to ensure a superior streaming experience for end-users.

In subsequent years, Broadpeaks showcased advancements in technologies such as low-latency streaming, analytics, and personalized advertising. Its participation at the IBC Show became a forum to exchange ideas, collaborate with industry peers, and stay at the forefront of emerging trends.

Over the years, Broadpeak’s participation at the IBC Show became an indicator of its continuous growth and success. Year after year, our booth was bigger to accommodate a team and a clientele that did not stop growing. The company’s ability to consistently introduce groundbreaking solutions and foster strategic collaborations has solidified its position as a trusted and innovative provider of video streaming software. Today, for instance, Broadpeak’s SaaS platform broadpeak.io will present its outstanding and headache-free solutions for personalization and monetization.

The last IBC Show in 2022 was dizzying for Broadpeak (read more here) because its growth was evident and stunned everyone, as remembered by Elodie Levrel, Communication Director, whose best memory of the IBC is precisely the 2022 edition.


IBC show 2022
Broadpeak at IBC Show 2022

But we expect IBC 2023 to be the best IBC ever (again!). So, don’t hesitate to book your meeting now, or just pop by our stand (#1.F76) so we can create more IBC memories together.

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