Android TV Summit – Exhibitor Preview

Broadpeak – Boardroom 1, floor 11, The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

Available on connected TVs and STBs, the Android TV operating system has become a critical component for delivering multiscreen video. Now that multicast ABR technology is able to solve scalability and latency issues, video delivery across all screens, including the main one, can be addressed in ABR formats with an Android TV-based OS at the reception side.

Broadpeak supports several major Android TV deployments in the APAC region. At the Android TV Summit, Broadpeak’s CDN and streaming solutions will be demonstrated, showing support for the world-class Android TV operating system, including a demo of the operator-tier version of Android TV.


Simply Deliver Cloud PVR Services on Android TV Devices

Broadpeak will demonstrate how, a leading communications operator, is using its Cloud PVR solution on Android TV devices at the Android TV Summit. By providing the operator with a simple, scalable, and flexible solution for delivering time-shifted TV services, Broadpeak’s solution enables its subscribers to launch multiple recordings on various channels simultaneously without any constraint on the available bandwidth or the number of tuners on the reception device. With Cloud PVR, service providers can deliver start-over and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, using a shared or private copy model. The recorded content can be processed on the fly to be viewed on any device type.



Preserve the Quality of Satellite for OTT Service Delivery With Multicast ABR

Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM multicast ABR solution supports OTT delivery via satellite, a cutting-edge capability that will be demonstrated at the Android TV Summit on Android TV STBs connected to an OTT Satellite receiver. Using Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution, operators can deliver a superior OTT experience while preserving the quality of traditional satellite distribution. Broadpeak’s nanoCDN for satellite allows operators to provide live TV, VOD, and catch-up TV content. By leveraging storage available on the receiver, operators can further expand their offering to include advanced non-linear services such as time-shifting or start-over TV for increased monetization.


Deliver Ultra-Low Latency on all screens With Multicast ABR

Delivering low latency is critical for live television. At the Android TV Summit, Broadpeak will demonstrate how its nanoCDN multicast ABR solution can be deployed easily on Android TV devices and leverage the Common Media File Format (CMAF) and chunked transfer encoding to decrease latency for OTT live streaming. A demo of nanoCDN will be shown, highlighting the successful commercial deployment of Broadpeak’s multicast ABR solution on Android TVs by a tier-1 operator.

As the first provider of ABR multicast technology, Broadpeak is changing the face of live multiscreen video delivery. nanoCDN turns millions of broadband gateways, cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, and STBs into active components of an operator’s content delivery infrastructure, dramatically improving scalability. Leveraging home networks, operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from their network.




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