Upgrade IPTV to adaptive bitrate with no compromise on QoE

What is nanoCDNTM ?

Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM resolves the two principal issues explaining why HTTP Adaptive bitrate (ABR) still struggles to replace Broadcast TV: scalability and quality of experience. By adding the efficiency of multicast to the new multiscreen and personalized experience of ABR format, the solution offers a unique opportunity to elevate IPTV to the next level. With this new full-ABR generation of IPTV, viewers can seamlessly navigate between Live and Time-shift, from their main screen to any mobile devices and get personalized content, all this with no compromise on the quality of their experience and at no extra cost for the operator.

nanoCDNTM has been specifically designed to avoid any kind of regression compared to traditional Broadcast. In particular, it implements optimizations for ultra-low latency such as HTTP chunked transfer encoding and CMAF chunking, bringing down the latency after encoding to a negligible amount.

In summary, nanoCDNTM is the opportunity for TV operators to finally unify delivery to the main screen and to all other screens into one single full-ABR IPTV system.

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How does nanoCDNTM work?

  • A transcaster server in the head-end retrieves its sources from any OTT Origin server and wraps them into multicast.
  • At the other end, a lightweight agent in the home CPE, typically an IP gateway or a set-top box, receives and unwraps the multicast to make the content available to all devices in the home. The technology integrates easily into any existing ecosystem and is compatible with any delivery mode: DSL, FTTH, Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial.


Benefits of nanoCDNTM Multicast ABR

  • No longer need for complex and costly mix of ABR and MPEG-TS, or DRM and CAS.
  • Carrier-grade, designed to meet the requisites imposed by operation on the main TV screen.
  • Optimized latency, relying on guaranteed multicast distribution and latest CMAF and HTTP chunked transfer encoding technologies.
  • Solves IPTV eligibility issues by bringing ABR video content to every household.
  • Compliance with HTTPS streaming to ensure secured end-to-end delivery.
  • Fast-start and multicast repair mechanisms.
  • Optional use of file pre-caching, to distribute high popularity content such as VOD, Catch-up, metadata, advertisement spots.
  • Advanced analytics for monitoring, troubleshooting, optimization and business intelligence reports.
  • Testimonial
White paper: Multicast ABR, Low­‐Latency CMAF, CTE, and Optimized Video Playback
White paper: Multicast ABR, a Pay TV Operator’s Key to Multiscreen Live Streaming by Frost & Sullivan
White paper: Content Delivery Networks 3.0: An Operator Opportunity?
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BkM100 Mediator_Datasheet
BkE200 Transcaster Server_Datasheet

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