Broadband World Forum 2019 – Show preview

Consumer demand for video streaming has never been greater. They expect to see flawless video in their homes and on their mobile devices, making video an important part of data flowing into the home, and a crucial consideration for operators. To improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and attract new subscribers, network operators need scalable, cost-effective video services that ensure a flawless quality of service and (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) across all screens. Broadpeak® provides solutions that optimize video delivery to home networks.

At Broadband World Forum 2019, Broadpeak will demonstrate its solutions for scalable 4K UHD HDR video streaming and ultra-low-latency video delivery to all screens, with examples of large-scale real-world deployments. It will also showcase a prototype of a Wi-Fi Optimizer, which optimizes video streaming over Wi-Fi home networks to improve quality by prioritizing bandwidth resources usage in the home network.

Innovations for Pay-TV Operators:

At Broadband World Forum, Broadpeak® will demonstrate how IPTV DASH enables a better-quality television experience on all screens compared with IPTV. Using Broadpeak’s CDN and its nanoCDN™ multicast ABR solutions, pay-TV operators can deliver content on managed set-top boxes (STBs) and open devices via IPTV DASH. Broadpeak’s solutions have been successfully deployed on more than 100 devices, including Android TV and Apple TV. Through the implementation of mABR in MPEG-DASH or HLS format, operators can benefit from the greater flexibility offered by OTT combined with the scalability and low latency offered by IPTV

A variety of premium IPTV DASH applications will be showcased at Broadband World Forum, including:

  • Ultra-low latency: Broadpeak’s nanoCDN Multicast ABR solution enables ultra-low latency on every screen in all ABR formats, including HLS. New features for nanoCDN will be demonstrated, such as CMAF format and chunked transfer encoding, which further decrease latency for OTT live streaming. The feature can also be used to synchronize all the devices in the same home network.
  • 4K UHD HDR video streaming: Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution supports premium video delivery with the highest quality. At the Broadpeak stand at Broadband World Forum, Broadpeak will collaborate with Dolby® to showcase the industry-leading Dolby Vision® technology streaming scalable 4K UHD HDR video on Apple TV.

Wi-Fi Optimizer

At Broadband World Forum, Broadpeak will also demonstrate a new concept – the Wi-Fi Optimizer. The solution works by prioritizing one type of content over another (e.g. video streaming vs. downloading a file), to provide optimum quality to end-users, in line with their expectations.




Meet with Broadpeak team at booth H4.



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