Immersive Experiences & Content


YOUR CHALLENGES Immersive Experiences & Content Increasingly demanding audiences are looking for new streaming experiences. Videos service & content providers need to be ready to deliver the next generation of immersive content. Consumers’ appetite for immersive content and mixed-reality experiences is on the rise, with new or experimental technologies coming into the scene. New audio […]

5G Streaming


YOUR CHALLENGES 5G Streaming With video streaming traffic increasingly shifting to cellular networks, new challenges and opportunities emerge for operators. Broadpeak is here to help. New networks, such as 5G and 4G evolutions, are bringing new video streaming related challenges for mobile operators. Fixed wireless access (FWA), an increasingly popular way to access the Internet, […]

Decrease Video Streaming Costs


YOUR CHALLENGES Decrease video Streaming Costs Delivering video is hard. Delivering video cost-effectively is even harder. Broadpeak helps operators and OTT providers keep video streaming costs under control. With the increase in video streaming and the abundance of content providers and distributors, transporting third party content has become a substantial challenge for network operators. The […]

Content Anywhere, Anytime


YOUR CHALLENGES Content Anywhere, Anytime Delivering VOD and live streaming services to audiences everywhere, on any device has become imperative. Can you meet your customers’ needs today? If you’re a content provider or operator, the Media & Entertainment landscape is becoming more competitive by the day. Reaching and retaining the highest number of viewers, everywhere, […]



YOUR CHALLENGES Monetization Leverage every monetization opportunity through Broadpeak’s software and services portfolio. With video streaming audiences gathering pace over traditional broadcast, video service providers need more revenue sources to keep up with their growing content and supporting infrastructure investment. Whether you’re a network provider, content owner or a pay-TV operator, finding effective methods to […]

Your Challenges


Your Challenges Video streaming is a fast-changing industry that triggers numerous challenges to stay competitive! As more than 50 % of data generated globally is due to video streaming activity*, delivering the best experience to the end-users, while keeping costs low and managing network capacity, has become a major concern for video service providers in […]

Live Video Streaming


YOUR CHALLENGES Live Video Streaming Deliver the highest QoE for live video streaming at scale, anywhere and on any device. As video consumption increasingly moves towards streaming formats, delivering live video at large scale over IP remains a challenge. Factoring in the requirements for low latency and high quality of experience (QoE), streaming live video […]