Platforms & SaaS peakVU.TV peakVU.TV is a high-quality and reliable IPTV managed service that enables U.S. broadband, cable, telco, utilities, and wireless operators to launch video streaming services with all the features subscribers demand, including low-latency live playout, start-over TV, lookback, and NDVR, in a few weeks. With peakVU.TV you can delight your customers with […]


Platforms & SaaS is Broadpeak’s video API SaaS platform that make Broadpeak’s trusted framework and solutions available as a service in the cloud, resulting in unparalleled simplicity, agility and scalability! The software as a service offers you an easy, fast, and reliable way to deliver advanced streaming quality to your subscribers. builds upon Broadpeak’s […]

Hosting Cloud Environments


Platforms & SaaS Hosting Cloud Environments At Broadpeak, we develop cloud native streaming software that can be hosted on various cloud environments so that you can be cloud smart and choose the option that works best for the specific needs of your video service. Our team of cloud experts have architected many use-cases to share […]

Platforms & SaaS


PLATFORMS & SAAS To overcome all the challenges you may face to stay ahead of competition, you need future-proof solutions! At Broadpeak, we develop cutting-edge solutions based on highly performing, robust, and secure technologies so that you provide a best-in-class experience to your subscribers, avoid churn, monetize your network and services while reducing your impact […]