Multicast ABR: A Pay TV Operator’s Key to Multiscreen Live Streaming

August 25, 2018

A new white paper has been published!

Multiscreen video delivery is the new age reality, but still highly challenging for operators in several parts of the world. Legacy IPTV and cable networks are capable of only delivering MPEG Transport Streams to television, and hence to distribute video to connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, connected TVs, and Android STBs, operators typically need to use http delivery. This not only adds to operational cost but also impairs QoE metrics such as scalability and latency, especially during live streaming of events and sports. Multicast ABR offers a suitable fix by combining the benefits of adaptive bit rate delivery (in terms of functionality and device reach) with multicast delivery while keeping overall costs rational.

This whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan elaborates upon the challenges faced by Pay TV operators that can be addressed by M-ABR.


For more information about nanoCDN multicastABR, download the white paper or visit the webpage.


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