NAB Show 2024 main highlights.

NAB Show 2024 in numbers

The NAB Show this year attracted 61,000 attendees over 4 days, fewer than in previous years. One noteworthy aspect of this year’s event was that over half of the attendees were first-time visitors. This influx of new participants not only signifies the industry’s progression but also demonstrates the show’s expanding global presence, with 27% of attendees coming from 163 different countries.

In the exhibitors’ part, this year’s show counted with nearly 1,300 exhibitors from 41 countries showcasing state-of-the-art products and cutting-edge technologies.

Our delegation consisted of 24 enthusiastic Broadpeakers who were both incredibly busy and delighted to welcome guests to our 1500 square feet booth situated in the bustling West Hall along the main avenue.

Broadpeak team at NAB Show 2024
Broadpeak team at NAB Show 2024

International reach

We were delighted to witness the NAB Show’s growth in international attendance outside of the USA. The event featured international pavilions, various side events, and notably, an all-Spanish language session for the first time.

An example of this global reach was the strong interest from Latin American broadcasters at our booth, as well as our VP of Sales for LATAM and South Europe, Arnault Lannuzel, actively taking part in the SET:30 sessions in Portuguese, which were broadcasted live on multiple platforms.

The session titled “Production, distribution, and monetization of streaming content,” also featured Igor Macaubas, Director of Digital Platforms at Globo, and Rodrigo Godoi, Sales Director for Media & Entertainment in Latin America at Edgio. The discussion delved into the specific needs and monetization strategies in the Brazilian market.

Arnault during the session “Production, distribution and monetization of streaming content” with Igor Macaubas, Director of Digital Platforms at Globo and Rodrigo Godoi, Sales Director / Media & Entertainment, Latin America – Edgio. Live via several platforms

Artificial Intelligence and the Creator Economy

The conference programs were equally fascinating, with over 1,050 experts discussing the future of storytelling, the world of streaming platforms, and the transformative impact of AI on the industry.

As expected, artificial intelligence and the creator economy stole the spotlight at the forefront. The evolution of AI is transforming streaming platforms and making it more and more efficient. Undoubtedly this is a trend that is poised for further growth and development in the near future.

From streamlining analytics to swiftly pinpointing the root causes of streaming hitches, AI is driving innovation in personalized content delivery and refined ad targeting.

At the NAB Show, the Creator Lab was unveiled as a hub for digital disrupters, responding to the growth of the creator economy, which was estimated to reach $480 billion by 2027. The lab provided a platform for traditional and emerging creators to excel and featured technology vendors offering solutions for content creators.

Main Trend on Video Streaming – Monetization

One word reverberated through the halls and dominated conversations among industry insiders: Monetization.

Attendees sought out new ways to make video streaming more profitable.

Attendees were eager to explore new sources of revenue through ads, premium content, and personalized content. Revenue share partners were also hot topics, highlighting the importance of partnerships in maximizing revenue.  One of the key topics of conversation was ad insertion, with the emergence of new ad formats such as shoppable ads and banner ads.

Additionally, there was a noticeable trend of increased fill rates and higher CPMs, particularly with the rise of interactive ads that drive engagement.

We cemented our position at the forefront of the conversation by unveiling groundbreaking demos of Click2 – interactive ads and Spot2Spot – personalized ad experiences, ushering in a new era of monetization in the video streaming industry.'s Click2 swept awards

On this innovation stage, we don’t follow – we lead with our own innovative contributions that redefine the industry.

During NAB Show we showcased our SaaS platform’s Click2 feature, a groundbreaking technology that allows viewers to interact with ads seamlessly while watching their favorite content, enhancing engagement and driving revenue for video service providers. The feature drew in all the visitors who stopped by our booth.

Click2 MONETIZATION attracted attention of all our visitors

The Click2 feature by has been awarded in the Monetize category at the IABM BaM Awards and has also won the 2024 NAB Product of the Year Award in the streaming category. Click2 has set a new standard for targeted advertising in the evolving streaming landscape. At the forefront of innovation, Broadpeak continues to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions that elevate advertising strategies to new heights.

NAB Show winner
BaM Awards Social Image

Main Trend on Video Streaming - Reducing costs with quality of experience

With the goal of making streaming profitable, there was also a focus on driving down costs while maintaining the quality of the viewer experience, which emerged as a crucial trend.

As Broadpeak is a pioneer in Multicast ABR technology unveiling numerous recent deployments, we drew many industry leaders seeking a firsthand look at the Multicast ABR technology in action.

In line with increase the quality of experience, low latency also garnered significant attention at the show. Today, achieving latency on par with broadcast standards is attainable, as evidenced by the impressive 3-second latency accomplished during major live sports events last year. Consequently, industry players are actively seeking innovative solutions to elevate their video streaming capabilities.

Check out the brief video interview featuring our team discussing the key trends they identified at the NAB Show.


Amid a whirlwind of optimization and efficiency at the 2024 NAB Show, transformative monetization strategies, cutting-edge AI advancements, and a relentless pursuit of cost-effective excellence stole the spotlight.

One standout at the event was broadpeak’s Click2 feature, which not only earned prestigious awards but also set a new standard in targeted advertising, solidifying Broadpeak as a key player in monetization strategies.

With our solutions garnering more interest than ever, our team has been tirelessly occupied with a fully-booked agenda throughout the entire NAB Show. After a smooth trip back home, are now fresh and ready to connect with you. If you missed us at the show, do not hesitate to reach out now to discuss how we can assist your streaming services in standing out.

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